The world of Australian gambling is closely associated with big numbers. It’s all about the huge amount of players who spend around A$25 billion a year in this industry. It’s also because of the high-profile stories of people winning fortunes in Australian casinos. The world knows these tales because of the legality of gambling in the country.

People have won big sums by going to casinos or using online gambling platforms. The last ones are becoming more popular and lucrative. Many Australians prefer to use one of the top gambling sites with huge jackpots in the country – FairGO.


Land Based Casino Winnings Stories

Lots of gamblers win a great amount of money at casinos every day, but the public doesn’t get to know about it. However, stories of how someone has racked up a windfall at a land-based casino are quite common in Australia. The examples below show some of the most famous winnings in this country.

Kerry Packer

His history with casinos includes some of the biggest wins in the world. One of these was a win in Melbourne that earned him $6 million. Kerry Packer was a billionaire who knew how to gamble, he was particularly good at baccarat and poker. His most famous winnings of the night were $35 million from several establishments.

Zeljko Ranogajec & Gina Rinehart

This man is an Australian professional gambler known for his scoring ability. He won the national blackjack tournament in 1980. Zeljko’s total earnings during his career amounted to several hundred million dollars. The biggest single payout was $7.5 million for a blackjack game in Melbourne.

The famous billionaire owner of Hancock Prospecting, she is quite a businesswoman who loves to play baccarat. This is the game where she hit the $10 million jackpot in Perth.

Anonymous gambler


A man who wished to remain anonymous took a stunning $30 million jackpot. He got it by playing slot machines. Some people are upset that he has chosen to stay unknown, but many gamblers understand him.

These were some of the most famous Australian land-based casino winnings stories of all time.

Famous Online Casino Wins

There are a lot of popular online casino windfalls in Australia and one thing is certain for all of it – no one knows the identity of the winners. Therefore, all of the jackpots below can easily be described as anonymous:

  • Arabian Night wins. A gambler from Australia won $6.9 million in this rather old game. Released in 2005, it still attracts players with the design and big payouts;
  • Dark Knight. In 2013, the gambler won over $3 million, which can also be considered one of the biggest online jackpots in Australia;
  • Royal Vegas. The winner is known to have been gambling on a mobile phone when he received a jackpot of $990,000.

Recent big jackpots include a Mega Moolah casino win of more than $10 million. Another case of $2.7 million was at the Beach Life slot machine.

Jackpots often depend on the season and the popularity of the slot machines. There are many pokies with huge payouts on the fair go casino australia.

Types of Progressive Jackpots


It will be important to say that all gamblers who win jackpots play with progressive ones. It is a type of winnings that increases with the number of games played. At the fairgocasino you will find many games with this type of jackpot. There are three options currently available and you can choose the one best suited to your personal preference:

  • A separate progressive jackpot;
  • An internal progressive one;
  • A wide area progressive jackpot.

The first option is not linked to other slot machines and the prizes on this type are usually not large. The internal version links the different slots of the same online casino. Expectedly, the amount of winnings increases, but the probability decreases.

And the most common option is a wide area which involves linking slot machines from different casinos that are connected by the same operator.

Which is more Profitable – Online/Offline Establishments?

It would seem that the jackpot amounts are much higher in land-based casinos. But it’s not that simple, first of all the number of winners is different, so the online industry gives more prizes. Also, it’s not just about the money, for many gamblers anonymity is a big advantage.

But among the online platforms it is important to use licensed ones, as only those will give you security and pay out your money for sure. For example, fair go casino aus is approved by the Gaming Authority of Curacao. This license ensures the reliability of the platform, so you can be sure of fair gaming.


The stories of people who have won jackpots, although varied, still agree on one thing. Winners were most often people who gambled regularly and they all used only official gambling platforms and establishments. Some of them were lucky, and some were professionals at it.

In any case, such stunning successes are a given in legal Australian casinos. You can always try your luck or prove your skills by using the fair go platform.