Hello, everyone. We have some more Avengers endgame leaks and again these leaks point to the quantum realm and time travel/alternate realities, special thanks to Cosmic Wonder Youtube for the information. You all can talk/chat with other fans on our new Discord Channel.

We’ve had many leaks about this same thing before, it started with the back of a box for a toy that had Thor and Rocket in some sort of white suits on the back of it and then we got some leaked photos of a good majority of the Avengers wearing these white suits in some concept art/prototype art and then there were some leaks of toys that came out that showed the Avengers wearing these white suits.

Now, it seems like we have some official Avengers Endgame merchandise that’s come out in the UK with one of these quantum realm suits as you can see here below, there is a hat and a jacket that we’ve never seen before and they have the same white red and black design that we saw in these previous leaks.

Now a lot of people think that these new white suits that the Avengers are going to wear are for going inside of the quantum realm and I think so as well, especially after the brand-new Super Bowl TV spot for Avengers End game that we just saw a few days ago, it’s clear that ant-man arrives pretty early in the movie which was to be expected.

I didn’t think he was going to spend a good majority of the movie inside of the quantum realm, so it’s clear that he shows up pretty early on in the movie and he obviously is going to explain the quantum realm to the remaining Avengers and from there some of the scientists on the team are going to figure out a way to get back inside the quantum realm and possibly use it for time travel or to go into different realities.

Hank Pym made it very clear in the first ant-man movie that they’re going to need a special sort of suit to go inside of the quantum realm and that is what I believe we’re seeing here with all of these new leaks, for these white suits and this is just even more evidence for all of these other leaks that have come out.

Some people have been saying that they’re fake but now there is quite a bit of evidence pointing towards the fact that they are in fact real and will most likely see them in Avengers Endgame, let me know your thoughts on this new merch that’s come out in the comments down below, do you like how they look and do you think they are for traveling inside of the quantum realm? Let me know.

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