Avengers Endgame Official Super Bowl TV Spot NEW FOOTAGE

Hello, everyone. We just got brand-new footage for Avengers Endgame in the TV spot that they played during the Superbowl commercial and it was awesome and it was all entirely new footage. I’m going to break some scenes down in this video, special thanks to Cosmic Wonder Youtube for the information.

We already confirmed earlier that there will be new footage of the movie in the Super Bowl Event. You all can talk/chat to other fans on our new Discord Channel. Here is the ‘new footage’ below:

AVENGERS: ENDGAME opens in U.S. theaters on April 26, 2019. To start off in the very first second of this trailer, one second it shows all of the characters who got dusted, right before it shows the logo getting dusted. If you slow it down you can see all of them, but if you blink, you’ll miss it.

We go to the first scene that shows Steve talking and he’s with a group and there’s a poster that says- ‘Where do we go, Now that they’re gone?’ This could be an old poster for a meeting for people who have lost people in the past before the snap, it could be unrelated to the snap but if it is referring to the ones that were lost because of the decimation that means that some time has passed since the snap occurred where they are now in this trailer.

If it is after the decimation which would line up with a rumor that was happening about Avengers Endgame, not too long ago that stated – Avengers Endgame will actually take place a few years into the future after the snap, but the big thing here is Steve Rogers said, “some people move on, but not us.” This is clearly implying that he tends to undo the snap somehow.

Steve may not know what it is at this point in that footage, that we saw but he intends to figure out a way to undo the snap, no matter what and then we get this awesome scene with Tony Stark and Nebula and they’re tinkering around with a Benatar (ship).

Clearly, they’re trying to figure out some way to get the ship working to get them home. Tony is a genius he knows mechanics, he built all of his Iron Man suits, surely, he can figure out a way to get the Benatar working to get him home.

Nebula is pretty smart herself and Tony can tell her what to do for the most part as well, but it seems like they’re working pretty quickly and that’s probably just for Tony’s sake because Nebula isn’t really at jeopardy she can survive in the outer space and she doesn’t really need food and water because she’s basically a machine.

That just shows that Nebula is doing all that she can for Tony, so she can try to save him and speaking of which in the next scene, we see some of the Avengers walking outside of the Avengers facility looking up into the sky, could this be Tony Stark and nebula returning to earth?

Remember what Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige said about the footage that we’re going to see up until the movie, he said that – we’re only going to see about the first 15 to 20 minutes in any footage or trailer that we see before the movie comes out, so, if Tony Stark and Nebula make their way back to Earth in the first 15 to 20 minutes, this may be the scene that we’re seeing because obviously, Tony is not going to spend the whole entire movie floating around in space.

We then go to Rocket, who was wearing his original Guardians of the Galaxy clothing from the comics, the Russo brothers have said- they draw inspiration from the comics. This is clearly one thing that they took and put in the movie.

The next really important scene is Ant-Man and War machine and the main thing here is Ant man’s back, so in the first Avengers Endgame teaser trailer that we got and we saw the video recording of Ant-Man at the Avengers facility, that could have been in real time and not actually in the past but it’s clear that Ant-Man is back.

Ant-man is obviously there at the Avengers facility, which means that he’s going to tell them about what happened to him and he’s going to explain a time vortex to the rest of the Avengers.

Then we have this scene with Thor and it looks like to me that he is in one of two places- one is Wakanda and two is on Titan two in Thanos’s Hut, which if that is true that means he went searching for Thanos. We see Stormbreaker in his hand, we know Stormbreaker has the power to summon the Bifrost, so maybe Thor went off looking for Thanos.

Then we have this scene of Hawkeye, who is still Hawkeye. In the Avengers End game first teaser trailer that we got he was Ronin, so this is clearly that footage from before he becomes the Ronin or after. He’s clearly underground somewhere searching for something possibly, but it’s obvious that we’re going to see Hawkeye in the movie not just his Ronin version.

Then we have Captain America’s shield scene, a lot of people are saying that this is actually Hawkeye holding Captain’s shield but, it’s not the case here if you look at his gloves and his belt in the background, it’s definitely Captain America.

We finally see Captain get his shield back in Avengers End game and that means that Tony might have given him a shield back himself because we know Tony had Captain’s shield and Steve has already been back to the Avengers facility. Tony’s probably the one that gave him the shield back.

Then we have this last scene of all the remaining Avengers with the exception of Tony Stark and nebula walking to prepare for a mission as we can see cap is leading them, Thor’s behind him, got Natasha behind him, then Rocket, Scott Rhodey, and Bruce. So, it doesn’t seem like Tony and Nebula are back yet but Ant-man is back and it seems like they have a clear mission at this point which means that it clearly involves the quantum realm (probably time travel).

Again, the return of ant-man coming back to the Avengers facility gives them new hope and a new plan and that’s it for all the new scenes of The Avengers Endgame in Super Bowl TV spot.

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