The use of virtual private servers is growing at an impressive rate worldwide. Data shows that the global VPS market was about 3.43 billion USD in 2024, with experts predicting that those numbers would reach almost 8 billion USD by 2028.

A significant chunk of that market is occupied by the USA, where users prefer using VPSs to shared hosting services for its several benefits, including better security and reliability. If you are considering buying a Windows VPS USA server for yourself, here are some advantages, features, and other details you should know.


What is Windows VPS?

It refers to a virtual private server that runs on various operating systems like Windows. About 63% of the population in the USA uses Windows and prefers hosting virtual private servers. It offers the same features and benefits as a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost.

It runs on top of an existing physical server in a data center and provides virtualized server resources to an end user allocated to it. Because the servers are isolated, you can run any software or application without affecting other users on the same machine.

Most packages include updates, patches, and security monitoring for all your applications running on your Windows VPS.

Benefits of using Windows VPS

It gives you complete control

A Windows VPS server is a virtual server that allows you to run any software. It is easy to set up and provides full control over your server. You can install and run any operating system, database, or software on your Windows VPS.

Most of all, you can carry out your Forex transactions if you use Forex software and need high-speed connectivity. Almost 58% of the people in the US invest in Forex, and if you’re an investor, this is a server you should have.

High data security

Shared hosting is prone to hijacking and data breaches. Statistics show that the USA experiences one of the highest data breaches in the world. For example, almost 212 million Internet users were affected by breaching in 2024.

VPN offers complete security because it operates in an independent environment, keeping your files and software hidden and locked from other website users. However, to ensure optimum safety, you should consider adding a firewall.

Quick and hassle-free set-up

The Windows VPS Server has all the required infrastructure, like the server and operating system. To use it, enter your information and choose from the available options.

The server will be up and running within minutes of ordering it so that you can start immediately! You don’t have to worry about data loss or hardware issues as it comes with backups, security patches, or an SLA, as it comes as part of a package. Thus, there’s no need for upfront investment for hardware deployment and maintenance costs!

Enjoy complete access through Remote Desktop

The Remote Desktop access allows you to use the server from any location, device, and operating system. In addition, it has no restrictions regarding any browser you can use to access your virtual private server.

For instance, the most used browsers in the USA are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, with Chrome occupying about 50% of the market.

Increases the web page loading speed

You will be able to reduce the load on your web server as there would not be any processing of requests for hosting virtual machines. The process allows you to increase page loading speed, which benefits your users. The improved user experience can also help you gain more clients and increase revenue.

These are some advantages of using a Windows VPS USA that you should know about. It is far better than a shared hosting service, which compromises your security, lacks speed, and is unreliable. You can choose a server after checking its storage space, set-up time, locations available, prices, and other features.