Berserk Chapter 363
Berserk Chapter 363

Berserk is a Japanese 2016 anime television series. The show is based on Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga and a sequel to the Golden Age Arc film Trilogy. He published this series for more than 3 decades. This was the little background of the show now let’s come back to our topic which is Berserk Chapter 363: Release Date, Delay, Spoilers.

So finally we have more context on the skull knight-with the latest chapter our hero has become slightly less mysterious. This chapter is going to be the start of Gut’s new path.  As always Gut will be seen walking a prickly path in the next chapter. The show has created a huge fan base and gained popularity, respect, and love from the audience. It is one of the most successful manga ever.

Fans with high hopes are waiting for Berserk Season 3, and if we look at the rumors it will release in 2024. The news is not official so we just have to wait.

Guts and his team are about to train and develop their skills for the final battle. He has to master the Berserker armor. For that who can be a better teacher than its previous owner and the creator. This episode is gonna be character builder for Guts and his armor.


Berserk Chapter 363: Release date

The Berserk chapter 363  release was scheduled for January 22nd, 2024. The show is published in Young Animal magazine. In the previous chapter of this manga, no release date was announced for the next chapter.

Earlier it was going to release in December 2020 but due to some reason, it was postponed to January 2024. Now again the release was delayed due to some internal reason and the chapter release was delayed to February 2024.

Along with Young Animal Issue raw scans of this chapter were also made available. Officially the English translation will be available after 2-3 days.

Berserk 363 Spoilers

We already told you that the release date is yet not finalized, and so we don’t have any spoiler regarding the show.

But not to worry, we will make sure to update our article as soon as we get any spoilers from the officials. Until then do read our other articles you might find something new to watch.

Berserk Manga Discussion & Predictions

Skull Knight being an Undead King has lived a very long life. We also know that he had a sad backstory. So far, he has only provided Guts with riddles and premonitions. We hope this time he gives proper advice to guts. But handling the berserker armor is not an easy job, we saw what happened to Skull King. But the task becomes easier when you know what you are dealing with.

We witnessed the incredible strength of Guts’ when he breaks the chain that bound him. In episode 363 we might get to know about the identity of Schierks, who once saved the life of Guts’. Also, we will get to know about the eclipse he witnessed. Is this the sign of the end of the world or something else?

Skull Knight regrets his past actions and calls himself a foolish king. There are a lot of questions that can he undo his past mistakes? How did he become undead? We hope the next episode will provide answers to all these questions.

We will update you once we get any other information about Berserk Chapter 363. Until then visit our website for much more amazing content. This was all about Berserk Chapter 363: Release date, Delay, Spoilers. Do check our Reddit.

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