Black Clover is truly amazing to show all the side characters receive the spotlight. Even at a time like this, the side characters are getting importance as well as backstories. In the previous chapter, we saw Magna’s backstory and how he came to master his powers. Being a peasant with low magic powers he still fought during all those battles and still wants to prove himself worthy of being a part of Black Bulls. After splitting both Dantes’s magic and his, Magna goes on to warn Dante of his soul chain. Even after getting beaten up, Dante has no fear of the situation due to his regeneration magic. This article will focus on Black Clover Chapter 293 – A Peasant’s Strong Will To Fight! Read Black Clover 293 Online!

Black Clover Chapter 293

black clover chapter 293

Black Clover Chapter 293 will feature Magna’s resolve and how he will put an end to Dante. Although it is most likely for Asta to interfere after he gains back his union mode. Will Magna be able to manage until then, or will Magna die trying? I guess we will have to wait and find out.

Black Clover Chapter 293 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 293 Release Date is confirmed to be May 23rd, 2021. Due to unfortunate circumstances, there has been another week’s delay for Black Clover Chapter 313. But next week, fans can be assured that they will get to see what happens net in black Clover as Dante faces off against Magna at half his capacity.

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