Last week we saw a delay in the release of the latest chapter. Fortunately, we won’t see one this week. The manga will continue with its original release schedule. In the previous chapter, we saw a deadly fight between old rivals. Noelle powered up to an unbelievable level and thrashed Vanica. But Vanica took things to another level by involving her mother and her past, this enraged Noelle leading her to finish off Vanica. Their shared past finally gets an ending. This article will update you on Black Clover Chapter 297 -” Vanica’s Demise “, Release Date!

Black Clover Chapter 297 Release Date

Chapter 297 was pretty darn good and had a lot of fan service with a small look into Acier’s past. Now fans are eagerly waiting to read chapter 297 as soon as possible. Black Clover Chapter 297 release date is projected to be June 27th, 2021. We still haven’t reached the end of the war. What’s really about to come in the next few chapters of Black Clover will definitely give us goosebumps. Until then, make sure to stay updated with Omnitos for all the latest updates.

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