Black Clover Chapter 299
Black Clover Chapter 299

In the previous chapter, we saw Megicula emerge as Vanica was at the brink of death. She emerges only to completely assert dominance as she is a supreme devil. Noelle’s magic is rendered useless and has no more options up her sleeve. Only a miracle or some amount of backup will be helpful at this point in time. Black Clover sure is getting dark with top-notch villains emerging once in every few chapters. Let’s wait and see what’s Noelle’s fate in the next chapter. This article will update you on Black Clover Chapter 299 -“Megicula’s Emergence”, Release Date!


Black Clover Chapter 299 Release Date!!

Black Clover Chapter 299 Release Date is confirmed to be July 11th, 2024. Viz Media recently released the latest chapter of Black Clover, ultimately confirming the release date for Chapter 299. There won’t be any more delays in the release next week. Fans can rest easy knowing that They can clear most of their speculations when the next chapter releases next week. Noelle is out of options and Megicula seems to be extremely overpowered. Hopefully, we see backup come to her aid before she gets killed.

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