Howdy guys, in this post we will discuss events going to happen in Black Clover Episode 101.

Besides this, this post will contain spoilers of the upcoming black clover episode. If spoilers bother you, I suggest you stop here, otherwise, you can continue reading.

Black Clover Episode 101 Spoilers Revealed!

Although, Black clover episode 100 was quite awesome. The preview of Episode 100 of Black Clover did another stunt to hype this new episode, Asta seems to use his talk no Jutsu, against Yuno accompanied by other elves.

Seems like Asta’s Talk no Jutsu is working. Why is it working, you may ask? Well, because Asta and Yuno are the two protagonists of the show.

And, we don’t expect a protagonist turning into an antagonist just because he got some weird marks on his face. Asta will use the “I will be the Wizard King” card, and the anime will act as typical shounen again.

Yuno seems to gain his own consciousness with the Elf’s mana. Earlier, we got an idea of Yuno’s strength, When we saw him exchanging blows with Rill in the competition held a few episodes ago.

Black Clover Episode 101 Spoilers Finally Revealed!

The creator wanted to portray Yuno as someone who has control over himself, making him control the Elf magic. The reactions of all other elves are priceless.

This episode really stuns the viewers with the quality of animation. Furthermore, the action really catches the viewers attention because it was on the whole new level.

Black Clover Episode 101

Yuno is controlling the elf mana without losing his self-consciousness and no one is as overjoyed as Asta.

Why you may ask? because Yuno remembers him. Right after this happy solder of Asta and Yuno, Elves want Yuno to stay away from humans, and fiercely combine their mana and attack towards Asta, interrupted by Yuno with his overwhelming Wind magic.

Asta and Yuno’s duo will now take on the elves. Mimosa is still amazed at how well these two are doing against an enemy so powerful.

Black Clover Episode 101 Spoilers Finally Revealed!

Black Clover Episode 101 might bring out the best anime fight of 2019. Asta and Yuno will take on the elf’s leader, Licht. The original holder of the five-leaf grimoire and the demon-dweller swords.
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