Black Clover Episode 168

We are on the edge with Black Clover Episode 168, get ready to shake the hands-off for Black Clover. This manga is leftover with only two episodes, but it might return after reaching 170.

The argument is going on between Megi and Vanica that who will kill Lolopechika. Megicula replies that it would be good to kill the wisdom of the heart kingdom truly. She says that they are taking Lolo to the space kingdom. While Noelle surprises that they are leaving with Lolo.

Vanica tells Noelle that she comes across a girl, who has armored like her in the past. Then, Noelle realizes that she is pointing to her mother. She also tells that when she took a child hostage, that chick got super strong. She tells Noelle to get stronger since she is taking Lolo away. While Garo is seeking more fun before they leave.

Black Clover Episode 168

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Black Clover Episode 168 Release Date

Black Clover Episode 168 is going to hit the streaming devices on Tuesday, 16 March 2023. Where you can watch this manga on AnimeLab, Netflix, and Crunchyroll. To know more about this upcoming episode we need to wait for its release. To know more about Asta and Yami dive into the below section.

Previously on Black Clover Episode 167

Vanica told Garo that she no longer requires her help. She also destroys the tower of the blood and started to fly away. On creating magic Venica starts exploring the life inside Garo’s stomach. Garo wants to know that why she is doing this to him, Venica replies that it is a cursed bomb.

Everything is exploded, when she came with all the Dark Disciples. After all, he is gone and left Noelle with the message that she will be waiting for them at the Spade Kingdom. Now, Asta is on his feet as he is helping the Captain to take down Dante. But, Dante is not worried about the Yami’s slashes. He is observing carefully over Asta’s sword since the anti-magic in it can cause great damage.

When Asta attacks, he uses Yami to get in Asta’s way. Yami manages to cut Dante, who generates quickly after noticing that Asta is coming his way. He punched Asta before his sword touches him. Yami catches Asta before he hits the ground. Then he realizes that the key to this battle is the sword.

Black Clover Episode 168

A Deal with a Devil

Yami wants Asta’s sword to hit Dante, but Dante is more careful. Asta decides to use all the unknown powers within him. The devil within Asta told him that he is one who has close to him. He knows that the devil within him is urging to defeat Dante. Asta asks the devil to lend him more powers and whatnot the Devil agrees.

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