Black Clover Episode 63

The Black Clover Episode 63 it titled as “It’s nothing” and will release on Tuesday, 18th December. Here is small teaser look on Episode with its Synopsis and Preview Images.

Synopsis Black Clover Episode 63

Asta lost consciousness due to attack of Ladros. Seeing this witch Queen used her ancient magic powers to seek out the real potential of the anti-magic swords.

Meanwhile, Asta founds himself floating in a strange dark space when suddenly a strange figure appeared before him and speak to him.

Suddenly Asta regained consciousness filled with strange tremendous power different of mana. Noelle was surprised of Asta look when suddenly….

Preview images Black Clover Episode 63

What to expect from Black Clover Episode 63?

Well there are lots of thing to expected from the episode. The director Yoshihara is story boarding the episode. The guy has worked in episode 1,17,49 and no doubt these are best of Black Clover ever have delivered. Many professional known animators and young – talented animators are participating in the episode like Till, Gem, Iwasawa, Isuta, Goshozono, Kawakami, Miki, Azure, Moa Ang, Makino and a couple of more.

Many animators have been tweeting and sharing different teaser visuals.

Studio Pierrot official account also tweeted about the episode.

So all in total one can expect some heavy sakuga showdown and best of modern animation. The episode might even surpass Boruto Episode 65. Episode 63 will be perfect way for Black Clover fans to end the year.

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