Black Clover Episode 67,68 and 69

The Titles for upcoming Black Clover Episodes 67, 68 and 69 have been revealed. Thanks to ZayXil for much needed translations. The Episode 67 and 69 will adapt chapter 103 and 104 of the same titles while the Episode 68 will be a anime original episode.  You all can talk/chat to other Anime fans on our new Discord Channel.

Black Clover Episode 67 A fun festival Double Date

The Episode 67 will kick-off with the mini arc Star Awards Festival arc where Black Bulls members heads out to Star Award Festival which is an annual festival, where Squad with most stars is awarded. There will be a small reunion with Kiato and Kahona.

Black Clover Episode 68 Death Battle! Yami Vs Jack!

The episode will be a filler featuring past conflicts of Black Bull’s captain Yami and Green Mantis’s Captain Jack the ripper and may adapt the mountain slaying fight which Yami once mentioned.

Black Clover Episode 68 Brair Maiden Melancholy

The episode will adapt chapter 104 of the same title where there will be small drinking competition between Charlotte Roselia and Vanessa where they will compete to win over Yami. The episode will give us small look at her past and reason of Charlotte’s crush on Yami.

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