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When are we getting Black Clover Season 5? Die-hard fans of the anime have been asking this question for ages. But, the latest Shonen Jump Festa did not leave them disappointed.

Although there is not enough material to make Season 5 right now, the production house is giving us a movie. People are excited. But, the question remains- When is Black Clover Season 5 coming out?

We have jotted down all the details for you. Take a look:


Black Clover Season 5: Release Date

Unlike the movie, however, season 5 of Black Clover will not be released to the public until around 2024, or even later. The primary reason for the delay is the lack of content available at present in the manga (which is ongoing).

The writer and mangaka, Yūki Tabata, needs time to add on to and possibly complete the Black Clover manga before the anime series can continue. This is also the reason season 4 only contained 16 episodes while previous seasons all had over 50.

Although the idea of waiting 3 more years for the return of the anime may not be the news you were looking for, we will not let you leave empty-handed.

Black Clover Season 5: What to Expect?

What fans can expect from Season 5 when it does release? The anime should resume with the buildup of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc, specifically showing us the result of Asta’s training with Nacht and Liebe.

The manga’s continuation of the Spade Kingdom Raid arc has given fans tons of memorable moments, both in fights and character development. Noelle receives a fantastic new form, Magna gets to shine brilliantly in his fight with Dante, and even the leftovers of the Black Bulls are given their 15 minutes.

In fact, Asta is surprisingly one of the less focused characters for the arc. He does have a fight against two devils, which ends in his victorious saving of Nacht, but Asta really doesn’t do much else in this arc.

While not quite over yet, the Black Bulls have seemingly rescued Yami from the Tree of Qliphoth and the Dark Triad. The anime will presumably resolve this arc in the same way.

Black Clover Manga: Where to Read?

If you don’t want to wait for the anime, you can start the manga. The latest chapter will be released on VIZ. It is also available on Shueisha’s Manga plus official platforms. So you can check it out from the official sites!

Some other official sites are:






(*Download the Shonen Jump app from the play store or app store and search for BLACK CLOVER in it.)

About Black Clover

If you are unfamiliar with the Black Clover Manga, Black Clover is a Japanese fantasy Shonen Manga series and made by Yūki Tabata.

The series is in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan, also, Mangaplus and Viz Media are publishing it in their Weekly Shonen Jump digital anthology magazine in the United States.

The story centers around a young boy named Asta, seemingly born without any magic power, something that is unknown in the world he lives in. With his ambition, newfound abilities, and friends, he aims to be the Wizard King.

This is all we have Black Clover Season 5. We are not sure about the release date. But, we will be getting a movie. Stay tuned with us for more details on the latest anime and manga developments.

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