Blue Exorcist has been gathering fans from all across the globe with lots of amazing illustrations and an addictive plot. Blue Exorcist has been with us since 2009, only a few manga have actually managed to retain an entire fan base for such a long period of time. Furthermore, the manga series also has an anime adaptation that was specifically made for the “anime-only weebs”. This made a huge impact that moved anime watchers to shift to the manga, thus increasing its sales. But recently there was a surprising update that needed attention, and that is – “Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 Release Date” on a 2 Month Delay!! (Latest News)


Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 Delayed by 2 Months

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 is on a delay of 2 months. The reason for the delay is that the creator felt a constant sense of suffocation from work and needs a break from all the commotion. She had also stated that her physical health is in good condition and she also doesn’t have COVID.

Like most people, she had reached her limit and needed some time off. Running a story for over 11 years is no easy task. Especially, when you are in a constant race against time in order to complete tasks before the deadline, things can get very suffocating. Even the fans are hoping and praying for the creator to get back to perfect mental health regardless of how long it takes. At the end of the day, a mere 2-month delay is nothing for fans who have been a part of the series for 11 years.

Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 Release Date

Blue Exorcist Chapter 129 Release Date is confirmed to be April 3rd, 2024. Due to unexpected delays so far, there may be a change in the currently scheduled release date. To know more about this, make sure to stay updated with us at Omnitos.

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