Blue Lock is one of those mangas that has such amazing art and leading sports manga. It’s a soccer manga that essentially makes Japan take drastic measures to up their game on a global scale. With the completion of 154 chapters of the manga, fans are anticipating Blue Lock Chapter 155.

In this article, you will come across the Blue Lock Chapter 155‘s spoilers, raw scans, and leaks. Along with some discussions regarding the teams of distribution.

Blue Lock Chapter 155


Blue Lock Chapter 155: Release Date & Spoilers

Blue Lock Chapter 155 is going to be launched on 7 December 2024. Here, are some of the spoilers of the latest chapter.

  • Noel Noa has come to Blue Lock!
  • Isagi (and the others) were introduced to Noel Noa. According to EGO, because of the results against the natch with Japan’s U-20.
  • The Blue Lock project has garnered attention worldwide & greedy sponsors have flocked for his dream story. Phase Two is off to a better start than he expected. But of course, not just for team Germany.
  • EGO mentioned that each of them became a leader with their ken philosophy. The Blue Lock members will be forced to evolve in their current “Environment.”
  • First, they will train under the “Master” and need to be selected as one of the 11 regular members. They have to win the recognition of the mixed team (including the invited members).

Blue Lock Chapter 155: Team Distribution Discussion

Blue Lock Chapter 155 is surely going to be exciting! So currently 45 players are split into 5 teams of 9. Plus, Kunigami is nowhere to be seen on the list of means. With 46 players left, it is confidential that phase two is going to cut the number of remaining players in half.

Eventually, there will be 23 players consisting of the new Blue Lock in the Blue Lock Chapter 155. 11 starters, 11 backups played, and the wildcard. This will be based on who Noel Noa & the other strikers consider worthy.

Rain & Shidon picking France seen so out of character for the both of them. Usagi picked Germany, the obvious choice. As he already met the best striker in the world aka Noel Noa.

Blue Lock Chapter 155: Raw Scans & Leaks

The raw scans of the latest chapter of any manga leak in two days. Here are some raw scans of Blue Lock Chapter 155 that surfaced on the internet.

Japanese Version

Blue Lock Chapter 155: Raw Scans

English Version

Blue Lock Chapter 155: English version leaks

Where to Read?

If you want to read the English version of the chapter, I’d recommend VIZ Media. Otherwise, you can wait for the official release & read either on Shonen Jump App Android or Shonen Jump App iOS or Manga Plus app.

A Quick Review on Chapter 154!

We are sure you want to take a quick look at the previous chapter before diving into Blue Lock Chapter 155. We are covering what is all in this upcoming chapter!

The previous chapter starts with the players choosing their environment. From the main cast, Igarashi chose Germany, Otoya chose Spain, Jyubei chose Italy, and Zantetsu chose France.

Since there is a time limit to choose respective environments, the remaining cast faces difficulty picking. Chigiri says he will be picking England as they are a speed-based team. Reo also jumps in and says that he too picked England, since they give off a rich feel.

After questioning which team is best at trapping, Nagi also chooses England. The team names from each league crack you good! Here are the final results of the team distribution.

About the Anime Blue Lock

A long wait finally came to an end for Blue Lock fans. An official announcement for the anime is out now. Blue Lock anime is to be launched in 2024. They hey visuals have also been released by the 8bit Production Studio.

For the latest updates, stay tuned to us!