Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 23

The official site to Boku No Hero Academia have been updated with Synopsis and Preview Images for Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 Episode 23 or in total Episode 61. The Episode is titled as “Deku Vs Kacchan 2″. The episode will release on 15th September and one can watch the subbed either through official sources Crunchyroll/Funimation or unofficially. Subscribe to our Reddit community for News related to My Hero Academia.

Synopsis for Boku No Hero Academia Episode 61 Deku Versus Kacchan 2

Bakugo has found out the secret between Deku and All Might and starts fighting! Bakugo prepares himself for a proper fight at the location where they had their first training battle, leaving Deku perplexed! Deku realizes for the first time that Bakugo had felt guilty for causing the retirement of All might. Deku might be the only person who can fully understand these emotions Bakugo is going through, and will he prepare himself to
accept it as he faces a head on battle!

Deku and Bakugo’s Second Confrontation!
They admired the same hero when they were younger. The two were childhood friends, but even up until now, they never talked about each other’s real motives. While fighting,
memories surface!

This Week Aizawa
He receives an announcement that students are outside after curfew! During the night when students should be sleeping, Aizawa receives a call from Ground Beta that two Class-A students were seen outside after curfew. As he proceeds to the area, someone appears in front of him?

Preview Images

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