Hey guys! In this blog, I will be talking about the new Key Visual released By Boku No Hero Academia Officials. Boku No Hero Academia or also known as My Hero Academia is one of the most anticipated anime of 2018. Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 is scheduled to release on 7th April along with an upcoming series Gun Gale Online.

Boku No Hero Academia Season 3 New Key Visual
Season 3 New Key Visual

The officials have released a new key visual illustration featuring All Might along with students of class 1-A.

The season will start from where the season 2 ended thus from School Trip Arc.

The season will cover the School Trip Arc, in which the students of Class 1-A go on a school trip to a training camp under the supervision of a hero team, the Wild Pussycats.

By League of Villains, a plan was formed to take down the students of U.A. High School.

Both Dabi and Himiko arranged for themselves and eight others to work together for a planned attack on the students of U.A. at a campsite located on the mountainside.

When seven members of the squad were gathered together, they launched a surprise attack against the camp while declaring themselves as part of the league of Villains.

Boku no hero academia Key Visual

New Characters in Boku No Hero Academia Season 3

Here are the character Visuals of the new character which will appear in Season 3 which are basically new members of League Of Villains.

Character Visual for Moon Fish
Character Visual of Mustard

Boku no Hero Academia has a manga written and illustrated by Kohei Horikoshi which is published in Weekly Shonen Jump.

The manga has already inspired two TV series consisting of 13 and 25 episodes and new series will release on 7th April.

The franchise is also going to have an original movie on 3rd August 2018, which is named Boku no hero academia movie- The Two Heroes.

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