Hello, everyone. Today for the Naruto and Boruto community is a piece of huge news! That there existed an ‘Otsutsuki counterpart’ or the partner of Kaguya, and his power might just be out of bounds. It is really getting too much interesting and intense too!

Boruto Chapter 35 Manga releases on June 10 Officially on Viz.com and Boruto Chapter 36 will release on 20th July 2019 as mentioned in the last page.

Sasuke gets to know by visiting the place which is in a different dimension, according to Intel they got. As Sasuke got to see some illustrations that what Otsutsuki’s were!

Jigen in the chapter itself looks insanely powerful and looking just like that partner of Kaguya, well who knows if he is to obtain that power and revive him, just like Madara did in case of Kaguya, or maybe Jigen is some sort of related to the Unknown Partner of Kaguya Otsutsuki, here is the Image of the Partner of Kaguya shown below:

The partner of Kaguya can be in the sense like Momoshiki had a partner as Kinshiki.

Jigen is shown to be absorbing his Dimension’s Jyuubi’s Chakra and has imprisoned him somehow with his power! Yeah, you heard it right, ‘Jyuubi’ the Ten Tails!

Who knows whether it will turn just like the event with the revival of this being in the end or a different story!

Jigen absorbs more chakra of the Jyuubi and Sasuke plans to hurry up back to tell everything to Naruto as Jigen thinks of getting back to meet to the vessels Kawaki and Boruto! Jigen after absorbing looks just like the ‘Partner of Kaguya’!

This is really a big situation going on, which might result in some sad and tragic incidents in the upcoming chapters! Hope for the best! Let’s see what will happen, but this is something really intense and exciting at the same time.

Coz it is the biggest villain ever seen with unrivaled strength, though yeah Naruto and Sasuke together are powerful but still.

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