Boruto Episode 190

As all know that, Boruto Episode 190 is coming out next weekend. It will focus on Kawaki and naruto interactions, while everyone is aware of Kawaki’s connection with the Kara organization. No one is aware of his true powers and here we will provide more details on the release date and spoilers of the upcoming episode without any dealy!.

Boruto Episode 190


Boruto Episode 190 Title and Plot Spoilers

The preview trailer of this episode will show that Kawaki is trying to escape from the research facility. While Naruto is also showing interest in Kawaki to find out more about his powers and his connection to Kara. All of sudden the trailer ends with Kawaki entering a ven and trying to run away.

Boruto Episode 190 is titled “Escape”. Where Boruto along with his teammates takes Kawaki a mysterious boy who became unconscious and returned back to the research institute. They have made an agreement to pay Kawaki a salary to work in the laboratory but, Kakei Sumire kindly offering help to him.

Kawaki is planning to escape from the research facility, so the episode is tilted as Escape and he still treats Kakei Sumire with enmity. Meanwhile. Sarutobi Konohamaru is already in Konohagakure village. While Naruto receives a report about the current mission. Naruto is showing interest in the connection between Kawaki and Kara and in order for Naruto to hear the Kawaki story first. He finally decides to head out towards the Advanced Technology Research Institute.

Boruto Episode 190

Release Date of Boruto Episode 190

Boruto Episode 190 is going to release on this Sunday, March 14th, 2024. While all the viewers can stream this episode from the official sources. Here are some official sources

Previous Episode Recap

In the previous episode, Garo and Kawaki clashed their weapons while Garo comments that Kawaki is weak. Kawaki replies that he wants to show how strong he is. what they should do about the Leaf Shinobi Delta aks Koji. Koji replies that they will figure out something later, all they have to do is relax and watch. Kawaki seems to have the upper hand while they continue to blow each other but, the attacks are canceled.

Garo performs a transformation to his body and no single attack can pierce through it. Kawaki cannot defend, while he lands a blow on him. Garo slams Kawaki and beats him like no one can while he is on the air. When he is about to hit the ground, Garo lands a final blow which makes Kawaki asleep. He comments that he won’t kill him.

Garo lifts Kawaki and says that he wouldn’t have hurt him if he cooperates with him at the beginning. Baruto wants to join the battle and Konohamuru asks him what he is trying to do. Thanks for reading Boruto Episode 190 Thread.

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