Hello, everyone, in this article, I will be discussing the Boruto Episode 52 and Boruto Episode 53 Big New Spoilers. Leave this article if you don’t want to get spoiled for the upcoming episodes. Special thanks to KenXyro for Translations and Spoilers.


Boruto Episode 52: Sasuke’s Shadow!!

Release Date- April 4, 2018

After team 7 enters an abandoned mine while going after the train robbers, they are suddenly attacked by a strange-looking white Zetsu.

White Zetsu is a biological weapon who was created by Kaguya Otsutsuki and was once feared by the shinobi world. The abandoned mine happened to be a historic place which once belonged to the Otsutsuki clan.

Boruto Episode 53: Himawari’s Birthday!!

Release Date- April 11, 2018

Chunin exams are fast approaching and while Sarada is motivated by the rest of the genin, Boruto refuses to take the exams leaving everyone around him confused.

Even at such a time, Himawari’s birthday approaches. After a long time all members of the family gathered together but then Uzumaki family was visited by a certain someone.

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