Boruto Episode 85

Hello, everyone. In this article I will be talking about the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Episode 85 and its spoilers, so here is a spoiler warning for you all. Boruto is going great in this arc. You all can talk/chat to other Anime fans on our new Discord Channel.

Boruto Episode 85 Release Date

Boruto Episode 85 will release tomorrow that is on 13th December on its official slot in Japanese time.


Episode Spoilers: “Heart of Stone” (By- Organic)

Boruto searches for Sekki and the ‘Heart of Stone’!

In order to break out of the barrier, Boruto searches for the ‘Heart of Stone’!

This Week’s Shikadai:

He’s trapped in a dilemma where he’s been imprisoned by Kuu!

Shikadai has been detained by Kuu and got restrained to an operating table!

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