Things are looking good for Tomozaki. With the student council elections coming, Tomozaki decides that he does not wants to be a bottom-tier character anymore. He wants to be Nanashi in real life too. Will Tomozaki be able to do this, will he be any help to Minami? Let’s see what happens. For the time being, let’s do a recap of episode 6 and more about What’s to come next in episode 7.

Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki Epsiode 6

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Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki: Episode 7 Release Date

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki: Episode 7 is set to release on 19th February 2023, Note that the new episode airs on Friday, every week.

If you haven’t seen episode 6 then this article contains spoilers. so without any delay let’s dive into the journey of a bottom-tier character.

Where to Watch Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki: Episode 7

Currently, the anime is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

(We recommend you to watch and read this and other anime, only from official sites. As it provides accurate and better translations and subs.)

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki: Episode 6 Recap

Aoi asks Tomozaki to work as campaign manager for Minami, to level up. But Minami declines which they expected. Later when handing out Flyers Minami bumps into Tomozaki. He notices that the flyer is not properly set, he helps her with the same. Later Tomozaki suggests since Minami is not a big brain type of person, why not keep him for the same role. Minani agrees to this proposition and Tomozaki gives her some idea to win votes over Aoi.

Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki Epsiode 6

The grand plan to beet Aoi is to promise the first-year students that she will try her best to get air conditioners in classrooms. And get the ball-playing clubs on her side by offering a ball pump to them. Lastly, Tomozaki gives her a speech, to which Minami says you are a pure con artist. there was a lot of fun going between them while working on the campaign.

Hinami asks Tomozaki, that whats his reason to beat Aoi? but Tomozaki instead of answering asks the same question to her. Minami explains her by asking few questions, and reaches proves her point that nobody remembers the person who comes second. They both pledges to beat Aoi and do a high five.

About :

Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki: Fumiya Tomozaki is our main character, a high school student and one of the best gamers in Japan. Famous in the game of Tackfam As Nanashi. Yet a total loser when it comes to social life. For Tomozaki life is also a game that is unbalanced and unfair with no rules. And considers himself as a bottom-tier character. All is about to change when he meets No Name, who is second to him in Tackfam, and finds out that Aoi, his classmate is No Name. Later Aoi guides Fumiya through the game of life. And explains the rules.

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