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We have a piece of news for all the Burn The Witch fans.- The Manga Will Be Getting New Information This Year. Tite Kubo whom you might know from the phenomenal Bleach series also happens to be the mangaka of Burn The Witch, declared something important. Let’s have a look at that.


Burn the Witch Will Be Getting New Information This Year

The author planned the plot as a one-shot. But, the response was overwhelming. It was so popular that Shueisha decided to pick it up for a series limited to four chapters as well as theatrical anime film too. However, it also declared that there won’t be a long wait before fans can even see Season 2. Shueisha announced that this new wave of chapters for the series would be “coming soon.”

But, now we might have a bit of disappointing news. The author shares in an interview that the new developments might not come as soon as expected. As it turns out, the Shonen Jump editors put the “coming soon” tease in their cheekily as a way to motivate Kubo to produce the new chapters quicker.

About Burn The Witch

For those who haven’t checked it out, the fantasy series is the first big project Kubo undertook after Bleach ended. The story is connected to Bleach very loosely, but Ichigo is nowhere in sight. This new series focuses on two witches named Noel and Ninny who work for the Soul Society’s western branch. Tasked with keeping their magical world safe, the pair find themselves torn when humanity edges too close to their world, and a bunch of dragons make sure to complicate things.

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