All over the world, Australia is considered to be the centre of the gambling industry. These games were brought to the country at the time of the settlement of people from the British Empire. And for several hundred years, gambling has been evolving and has become a very ingrained part of Australian culture. Millions of residents now play and profit from casinos.

Australians can rightly be called the most gambling nation in the world. It’s hard to imagine any other country with so numerous land-based and online casinos. Since the Australians’ gambling history has followed the same path as the rest of society, there are plenty of local specialities of its own. The latest trend is turning to online casinos as the preferred way to gamble. Australians are picky when it comes to platforms they use, which is why they always choose one of the top sites that you can go to at to try your luck.


Most Popular Gambling in Australia


While most of the popular forms of this in a country like the rest of the world, there are a few differences. One of the local games that really stands out is Two Up, which involves flipping two pennies. It’s so well known to the community that Australia has a special day dedicated to it.

Among the world-famous games the most popular with the locals is:

  • Slot Machines, or Pokies, the most prominent game of chance in Australia;
  • Poker, which has been played by settlers since ancient times;
  • Blackjack;
  • Baccarat;
  • Roulette;
  • Keno.

Apart from what you can find in land-based establishments, a greater variety of games can be found at uptown pokies casino.

Slot Machines


Because Australians are more likely to use the word pokies, many foreigners think of it as a separate kind of slot machine. That’s not the case; the game got its name from the phrase ‘poker machines’. So they were called because the first slots were literally identical to poker:

  • The rotating pictures were in the form of standard cards;
  • The winnings were awarded according to combinations that matched up with the classic poker ones.

Then came more classic slot machines with the already familiar images in the shape of horseshoes, stars, sevens, and other things.

At one point, Australia banned this form of entertainment, but slot machines didn’t disappear. They were simply transformed into gumball machines. Players then exchanged these for money. After this, the ban was lifted.

In 2007, the government banned machines that accepted $100 notes as well as machines with autoplay. All of them were soon replaced in Australia. However, if you want to be able to bet with the amount you wish, you can use the uptown pokies platform.

Online Slots


For international players it might seem strange to have a separate category under pokies at online casinos in Australia. However, this is where you’ll find a huge variety of this game. You’d think it’d be pretty basic, but the Aussies won’t agree. At uptownpokies, you can even filter the category of slots to your liking. For this, you need to make a choice of game features:

  • 5 reels;
  • 3 reels;
  • 6 reels;
  • Bonus round
  • Progressives;
  • Floating Symbols;
  • Pays Any.

Poker in Australia

As one of the most popular games around the world, poker doesn’t really stand out in Australia. The only thing to say is that the game is legal and available to anyone over the age of 18. However, when choosing an online platform, you should only go with one that is licensed.

There are many poker tournaments in Australia, both online and live. Some of those include the Australia New Zealand Poker Tour, the Aussie Millions, the Sydney Championships, etc.

Australian Blackjack


Another popular game in the world with a few quirks of its own for this country. The main differences can be:

  • Changing the rules of cards dealing.
  • Use of a varying number of decks. Normally people play with 6-8 decks, but sometimes you see 4 of them.

In addition, you should pay attention to the limitation of minimum and maximum bets.

Features of the Online Casino World

Apart from the pokies variations described above, the online part of the gambling world has its advantages and disadvantages. This is worth knowing because of the increasing number of online players both in Australia and around the world.



Firstly, it’s undoubtedly a much more convenient option, any place and any time becomes suitable for gambling. The main thing is to always use official platforms, so Uptown Pokies Australia is licensed by the Curacao Gambling Authority, which is why it is completely legal and reliable.

Secondly ,a large variety of bonuses and promotions. Some of them are so attractive that it’s hard to believe such generosity.

Thirdly, your identity is much more secure. Uptownpokies casino uses 128-bit high-tech encryption that keeps your personal and financial data safe.


The only real drawback to online casinos is the lack of that special atmosphere that hangs over land-based establishments. A number of people actually prefer going to the places, chatting with people there, getting high-class service and enjoying the gambling at the same time.


The Australian gambling world has quite a long history of development with a number of features. An important one is full legality of land-based and online casinos in this country, and everyone can get involved in gambling on reaching the age of 18.

One notable difference with the Australians is their love of the slots, which are known as pokies. These machines are available in a variety of versions to suit everyone’s tastes. Apart from slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat and other renowned games are also popular with the local population. But keep in mind that as the industry evolves, the list of the most favourite games can change.