Cells at work Code Black are on a league of their own. The anime is receiving more love than ever before. Besides, who wouldn’t want to educate themselves about how their body works in the coolest way possible. Every episode has a major condition that the human body faces and educates us on how the cells in our body work to fight against it. This biological information is beautifully put across in the most badass action scenes with amazing animation.

Now fans are waiting to see what’s in store for the next episode. Today we will talk update you on Cells at Work Code Black Episode 8 Release Date, Calves, Pulmonary Embolism, and Quick Thinking.

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 8 Release Date

cells at work code black episode 8

Cells at Work Code Black Episode 8 Release Date is confirmed to be 11th February 2021. The next episode is called “Calves, Pulmonary Embolism, and Quick Thinking”. From the looks of the preview, things look like they are going to be lit. Who knew basic human biology could be made into an addictive anime series.

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Cells at Work Code Black Ep 8 – Preview

Where to Watch Cells At Work Episode 8?

Cells at Work Code Black releases on Tochigi TV, YTV, BS11, and Tokyo MX according to its current scheduled release date. The subbed version is best viewed on Funimation. We highly condemn the streaming of anime or reading of manga on unofficial websites.

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About Anime

Cells at work is an anime adaptation from its source material written by Akane Shimizu. His work educates most weebs about the workings of a human body in a fun, cute, and comedic manner. Cells at work is on a different league and have fans falling for it headfirst. This anime has great potential and that explains why it has gotten a second season in a short period of time.

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