Classic Slots Pokies

Over 22,000 slots have already been released. Most of them are complex models with intricate bonus games and unusual rules. Besides other games, there are classic slots pokies.

This category is sparse, and these games aren’t placed at the top of the casino lobby. Many novice players may not realize that there are titles with simple rules and no complicated features.


Classic Slot Features

Classic Slot Features

There is no single standard for what to call the slot classic. Most likely, the main criterion is the absence of free spins, bonus games, and special symbols. Other signs of the category include:

  • Small number of lines. The most common slots pokies have 5 lines. There are models with 9 lines or even more.
  • Simple graphics and lack of animation.
  • “Fruit” slots with their inherent standard set of symbols (seven, bell, star, tile BAR, cherries, strawberries, and so on).
  • High line odds – maximum payouts of thousands of bets in one round.
  • RTP is slightly worse than the industry average. It’s rarely higher than 96%.

All this means that the gameplay proceeds in an understandable way. There is no need to study the rules.

Let’s learn about the presence of additional features:

  • Three reels are in about 85% of the models. Five verticals are also possible. Slots pokies with 6 reels are more modern.
  • Free spins are found in about 1 slot out of 10 options. Basically these are models released after 2015.
  • Jackpots will be in 10-15% of the classic slots. In most cases, they are progressive or fixed.
  • Automatic rounds are available in all classic models, but usually without setting winning or losing limits.

Classic games mimic floor slot machines. Therefore, the only option to refresh the screen is scrolling the reels. Dropping symbols, building combinations on the principle of contiguity or clusters aren’t signs of classic slots pokies. Such devices aren’t available in land-based gambling establishments.

The main symbols are fruit. A standard set known since the beginning of the XX century includes cherries, plums, oranges and lemons.

How are fruits connected to gambling? After the ban on slots in the early 20th century in the U.S., gambling entertainment began to masquerade as the sale of chewing gum.

The presence of symbols, like “bell”, “horseshoe” and “star”, is a tribute to tradition. These pictures were used in the first serial gaming machine known as Liberty Bell. Less popular symbols are clover, diamond, crown. Card suits were rarely included in the set of symbols in the XXI century.

The number of lines in most classic slots is constant. Reduction is found in just a few classic models.

Players get their winnings only if they collect combinations from left to right. After 2015, there were several slots, imitating the classics, and a payable Scatter symbol is one of its key differences.

Pros And Cons Of Classic Slots


The absence of a bonus game or free spins can be a great benefit for gamblers. Classic slots are suitable for building financial strategies to gradually increase rates after a series of unsuccessful rounds.

Other advantages of these games include:

  • No need to learn the rules;
  • Simple interface and control panel;
  • No overwhelming animations that can be distracting;
  • Pleasant soundtracks;
  • Linear odds are higher than those of more complex models;
  • It’s possible to stop the game at any time, as there is no need to wait for the bonus.

The only disadvantage of these slots is the fact that playing these games is too easy. They are suitable for beginners, but regular casino visitors may find these releases a bit boring after a couple of rounds.