Dragon Ball Super SPOILERS from Dragon Ball Super Episode 103 Spoilers and 104! GOKU AND HIT TEAM UP! Goku and Hit vs Universe 11! Who will win? Also, GOHAN vs Universe 10? Universe 2 vs Universe 10? What is Universe 2’s Secret? Dragon Ball Super Episode 104 will be INTERESTING!

We got the scans for 103 and 104 and they have given us much reason to get excited. We might see a dream team and at the same time measure the real power of Jiren the Mortal Stronger than God. Let’s get straight into it.


So, It seems Gohan will be in an ethical or a logical dilemma where he would have to pick up sides. It is just fair, given the fact it is a battle royale, and everyone is your opponent in the fighting stage, so if someone says to team up with another opponent whom you would have to fight soon can cause a little confusion. Gohan will definitely be a character who will act like a game changer in the Tournament of power. He has always been a character with hell lot of hidden potential which is triggered by emotions. May be this teaming up is actually plotting a stage for future emotional trauma for Gohan.

The Battle against Universe 10! Gohan decision!!

This might mean that it will be upon Gohan to decide to join or not join hand with team Hit. It will be a safe assumption to say he takes the risk.

Revealing their true nature, Universe 2’s warriors drive Universe 10 into a corner! Also, Gohan and the other universe 7 warriors challenge the likes of Botamo and Universe 10’s warriors to battle!!

So, this part of the scans tells us that the Power up that we will be seeing of universe 2 doesn’t really end there. We have a couple of translations, and the other one says “Revealing their true colors, universe 2’s…” so well it could mean one of two things, the first being that universe 2 is going to get an immense power up and even the grand priest has acknowledged that only the strong fighters are on the stage now. This could justify the statement of Universe 2 taking on universe 10 but there is a second theory too. It could be universe 2 is going to take on some dirty way, we had the scans of 101 and android 17 was criticized for attacking Rebrian while they were merging, may be I am digging too deep, but they could sort to some unethical terms.

We will be introduced to a new and better fusion born character Ribrianne in episode 101. She will be the product of Brianne, Sanka, and Suu. We have seen one of them in an introductory episode and well though they didn’t seem very strong, then we know close to nothing about them. We have no idea what her power level could be, but from the trailer, we can guess she can pretty well stand before Vegeta SSJ2. And well I would not take her Ki blast for a joke.

We will also be seeing Gohan gearing up to go against Botamo and other Universe 10 warriors. Team Universe 10 is a team presented by Rumsshi with the gathering of the strongest warriors from Universe 10. Gohan might just be able to stand a huge chance against them given what was done to their leader Murichim by Frieza.Let’s just say the God league characters in the fighting stage are overpowered. I personally did not expect the 6 pride troopers who are eliminated to be taken down so easily. It might be to hype up Jiren’s power or may be it was just meant to be. The characters in the dragon ball super have actually been made a little overpowered anyway.


Ok, this is something that blew my mind! This might just be the best twist that dragon ball super has given us yet! two of the best fighters with the best techniques would join hands! This itself gives the Idea of how strong the opponent might be and we are talking about none but Jiren and Toppo.

Goku and Hit’s ultimate tag team formation!?

More contestants continue to drop out in the Tournament of Power Meanwhile, Hit is at a disadvantage because of universe 11’s warriors, and Goku comes to his aid!? 

We are half way into the tournament and we have already seen a lot of fighters fall, and brace yourselves for even more. Hit has been avoiding Jiren for a long time, It might be just time to see Jiren come to fight Hit or may be, a more reasonable thought would be Hit has to face a situation where he has no option but to fight universe 11. The episode is said to be a high-speed battle, so I am guessing Jiren already has a crack to Hit’s time skip technique. If someone is giving Hit a hard time we can just be so much sure that person is super strong. We had some news about Vegeta and Hit fight too, I am really not sure how Toie animations plan to execute so many plots. What ever happens Super is getting amazing with every new episode. With two of the strongest characters fighting together on one side the fight can not be any less than awesome!



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