Stubby Holders

Modern businesses are constantly reinventing new ways to promote their business. And a new addition to that is the use of Custom stubby holders, also known as can coolers or koozies. These holders can be personalised with your brand logo or event design, and they come with numerous advantages that make them a popular choice for businesses and events of all kinds.

The primary advantages of personalised stubby Holders are listed below:


Brand Awareness


Customising stubby holders can be an effective way to increase brand awareness for your business. By printing your logo or brand message on the holders, you can create a constant reminder of your business every time someone uses the holder. The holders are portable and can be taken anywhere, which provides a significant advantage in increasing brand exposure to a broader audience. Moreover, the practicality of stubby holders means they will likely be used repeatedly, providing your business with long-term exposure and value for money.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Marketing and promotional campaigns can be expensive, and finding cost-effective ways to promote your business can be challenging. Customised stubby holders are a relatively low-cost marketing tool, making them an ideal option for businesses with limited budgets. They are easy to manufacture in bulk, and the more you order, the cheaper the cost per unit becomes. By investing in stubby holders, you can promote your business without breaking the bank.

Practical and Functional


Stubby holders serve a practical and functional purpose, keeping drinks cold for extended periods. They are ideal for outdoor events, barbeques, or any cold drink activity. As they are reusable, they also provide a sustainable option for your guests, reducing the need for disposable drink holders. You can create a positive association with your brand or event by providing a practical item that serves a purpose. Furthermore, stubby holders can be made from eco-friendly materials, aligning with your brand’s sustainability values and enhancing the positive association with your business or event.

Different Design Options


Stubby holders are fully customisable, allowing you to create a design that matches your business or event theme. This customisation option can create unique, eye-catching designs that stand out from other promotional items. Creating a design that reflects your business or event can make a lasting impression on your customers or guests. Moreover, the customisation options also allow you to tailor the design to specific occasions or seasons, making them ideal for holiday events or special occasions. Custom holders are versatile marketing tools that can be adapted to suit various promotional needs.



Custom holders are versatile and can be used for various events and occasions. They are ideal for corporate events, trade shows, weddings, or any event that involves drinks. Investing in custom stubby holders can create a lasting impression on your guests and provide them with a practical item they can use repeatedly. Furthermore, stubby holders are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, from small start-ups to established corporations. They offer a unique and effective way to promote your brand or event and can be used with other marketing strategies for maximum impact.


Stubby holders provide numerous advantages for businesses and events. They are a cost-effective marketing tool that promotes brand awareness while providing a practical item for your customers or guests. With customisable designs and versatility, stubby holders are an excellent option for any business or event looking to create a lasting impression on their audience.