Date A Live Season 4: Release Date and Everything

A piece of big news coming for all Date A Live fans that there is official confirmation about the release date of the fourth season. We know that you all guys are quite excited and hyped for the fourth season and so are we. This leak has sent a craze wave across the fandom. The fourth season is titled “Date A Live IV”. The release of this anime is scheduled for the spring of 2024. Not only the animation studios but the fans are also quite excited after knowing about this news. Here we will share with you Date A Live Season 4: Release Date and Everything.

This announcement has come with lots of other good news as well like, Date A Live is an anime project in production now and will be solely focused on Kurumi. Now The Date A Bullet spinoff series Date A Live will receive an anime adaptation. The manga on which the show is based is written and illustrated by Joushi Tachibana. The manga was quite profitable all over the world and the 21st volume of this manga just came out in Japan.


About Season 4

The writer of the manga, Joushi Tachibana is very active on Twitter and he always likes to tease his fans with new updates. So once again he decided to tease the fans with Date A Live season 4 and also confirmed that a Date A Bullet anime is in the making.

Joushi Tachibana in his tweet revealed a picture of Nio Honjou and Mukuro Hoshimiya which made the fans believe that this was about Date A Live Season 4. Fans have always wanted a movie that will cover up two-story arcs instead of a season with one arc. If you have not watched the first three seasons of this epic show then quickly you must go on Crunchyroll or Funimation and enjoy this show. Be quick!

Date A Live Season 4 Release Date

The creator and animation studios have been pushing the date for season 4 for the past five years. I made the fans believe that there will not be season 4 of this show. But now five years after the third season was released there is an announcement regarding the fourth season titled Date A Live IV. The series will release in the spring of 2024. The exact date is yet to be announced. Joushi Tachibana is the writer whereas Tsunko is the illustrator.

The last volume of this light novel was released last year on March 19th, 2020. Total there are 22 volumes of this light novel that is made by this duo.  The manga was not able to put a huge impact on Japan’s manga market so later it was discontinued.

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The manga got canceled in 2012, and there was no news on manga coming back. From this, we can say that the manga is far, far behind from where the anime is right now. There is also no English translated version launched by the officials. But some fan-made translations are also available which are as good as the official ones.

Date A Live Novel and Manga

Don’t get confused between Date A Live manga and the Light Novel series, both are quite different. English translation of this manga was later stopped by the fans in 2015, from the 13th volume. You can still find those 13 volumes in English translation online. The first season was created based on the first four novels. For the second season, it was created from the data of Volumes 5 to 7. And from Volume 8 to 12 the third season was made. However, nobody can say that the manga will ever return or not in near future. Till then you can enjoy watching the three amazing seasons of Date A Live.

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