Hey there, it’s Jazz and I am back with some leaked images of today’s episode. Special credits to Toei Animation for the images, Have a look at them below:


Dragon Ball Super Episode 112 : Vegeta’s Resolve spoilers :

In order to let Caulifa and others be able to fight stronger enemies at their full power Cabba of universe 6 goes against Monna of Universe 4 to help his team. However, Cabba is blown away only to be rescued by Vegeta at the last moment. Vegeta- Cabba’s Master.

Episode 113 leaked image:

Dragon Ball Super Jiren is stronger than his God of Destruction!

Dragon Ball Super is already giving major leaks everyday, this is a big reveal from latest Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 29 which was released yesterday (translated version).

Thanks to Viz.com

(Manga is behind the Anime and story has slight twists. In the manga Gods of Destruction fight each other in the Zen Exhibition match instead of fighters).

From this image conclusion can be made that Jiren is the strongest Mortal on the stage of Tournament of Power! Jiren is the stronger than his god is already revealed above. Toei has already mentioned the following for Jiren in the anime on their official website:

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