Did Rockstar games hint about the GTA VI?
Did Rockstar games hint about the GTA VI?

If you are a judicious gamer then you might have played a lot of GTA games from the series. GTA v standing in the leading place in the GTA series as of right now. Among gamers, the biggest question is if the Rockstar games are updating GTA VI or not. They have an initial three to four years of pause in between the game release sometimes even less than that. Since early 2012 since GTA V was announced, GTA VI is in development.


But what if they already contemplated us with a hint of the release date.

The company doesn’t have a particular call for the release but they have released teasers for the game. It is most assuring gamers might not get to play it till the end of this year. Also since the Game production was in a haul for quite some time now. So the question appropriately arises Did really Rockstar games hint about the expected GTA VI?

The top expected features of GTA 6 :

As gamers have to wait a long period before they could even see the trailer of GTA VI it is assumed that it would be more impressive than GTA V in terms of the effect it placed on the GTA series. GTA 6 is coming where the multiplayer in the game will be introduced.

This would indeed be a magnificent leap into the GTA series. The graphics of this game is astounding and cannot be explained with words alone.

Link Between Vice city and GTA VI ??

The speculations also continued as there have been multiple vice city references during the last year’s super bowl. Also, we didn’t see any new trailer from Rockstar games so it would be a terrible time to reveal the game before at least a few months advanced notice during the Super Bowl and that’s how Rockstar games gave a hint about the expected GTA VI.

The halt of 8 years of expectation should be fruitful for all the GTA fans spread across the globe waiting for it. As the previous games of GTA franchises have a male protagonist this time of female protagonist may be introduced as per the sources. Here you can switch between your characters which are more customizable.

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The game is supposedly is set in the era of 1970 and 1980 and the graphics are stupefied with a lot of more buildings, a lot more complex graphics, and a lot of new weather conditions alterations. Sources of saying it is also inspired by the narcos series from Netflix.

What will be the best console?

As we are talking about the graphics being astonishing and recent launches for PS5, Xbox series X, and S. For the scintillating graphics and refined experience we can be discussing that PS5 console or Xbox series X might be the best console for this expectedly remarkable game.

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