The dining room is an ideal space where you can display your beautiful and inspiring art pieces. Why wouldn’t it be when it serves as a venue for entertaining guests, hosting holidays, and creating lasting memories over meals? While the dining table typically takes center stage, particularly if it is an heirloom, the room requires additional decor to attain a complete look and feel.

To complement the space and set the ambiance for any gathering, carefully choose a piece of art that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also unique and in harmony with the room’s overall style. Dining rooms are becoming more popular, and whether you are newly joining the trend or reviving a beloved dining area, select art that will leave a lasting impression.

You can opt to hang personal photos and sentimental memorabilia to create a cozy ambiance or choose elegant art for a formal dining room. Alternatively, take advantage of the opportunity to showcase the work of a talented local artist for a curated look. Check out our top dining room art ideas to inspire your decorating.


1. Go Natural

When it comes to art, nature-inspired pieces are always a safe bet. While flowers are a popular subject, other flora can also look stunning in framed artwork. For instance, a close-up shot of a leaf adds a beautiful touch to any dining room, which has understated green accents that create a natural and vibrant atmosphere.

2. Stunning Birds


Birds can make a fantastic subject for artwork as well. Whether you’re an avid bird watcher or simply showcasing the local fauna, displaying a bird or two in your living room is bound to create a positive impression. Depending on the species, mood, and style of the bird-themed piece, the display can range from whimsical to sophisticated.

3. Elegant Portraits

A portrait of a loved one can add a personal touch to your dining room. One particular piece can be hung directly above the chair in which the subject is seated while posing for a portrait, making it feel right at home in the space.

4. Above the Mantel


If your dining room features a fireplace, the space above the mantel is the perfect focal point for your wall decor. You can opt for a single statement piece or a series of smaller ones to create a cohesive look.

5. Establish the Atmosphere

Use a commanding piece of artwork to establish the mood of the entire room. If you desire a formal and sophisticated dining space, make sure that your art reflects that tone. Alternatively, if you prefer a more relaxed ambiance, your art can convey that too.

6. Creative Arrangement


Arrange several similar pieces of art in a grid for a striking finished display. Although the individual frames may be small, they can come together to create a grand effect.

7. Southwestern Charm

A cowboy and cactus-themed art is a perfect addition to balance out a light and airy dining room. It strikes a wonderful balance between fun and sophistication.

8. Mirror Magic


One of the greatest things about a wall mirror is that it transforms a space into art. Hang a gorgeous and intricate mirror in your dining room to add a timeless touch of elegance.

9. High Contrast

Get creative with the art of contrast by enlisting a color theory expert’s help. Choose pieces of art that conventionally do not match the color palette of the rest of the room, but still, blend beautifully with its striking contrast.

10. Layered Colors

Don’t let a textured wall deter you from displaying art. Use the shelf ledges to hang frames for a beautifully layered look.

11. Sculptural Pieces


For a different type of art, consider utilizing a wall of built-in shelves to display sculptures and busts in a captivating arrangement.

12. Personal Touches

Make your dining room decor more meaningful by incorporating personal touches like a family portrait or vacation photo. Designer Anna Braund, for example, surrounded herself with sentimental artwork, including a framed piece made by a close friend.

13. Matching Ensemble

If you plan to display several artworks in one area, ensure that they complement each other. Using matching frames and/or themes can create a cohesive look for a collection of different artworks.

14. Vertical Gallery

A narrow wall can be transformed into an artistic column by arranging three or four pieces of art in a vertical line. The pieces don’t need to be identical, as seen in this example, to create an impressive arrangement.

15. Consider Molding


When selecting art for your dining room, take into account the room’s molding and architecture. Even if the artwork is stunning, it may not fit well in the space if it clashes with the room’s features.

16. Art Collage

Instead of displaying one piece of art in multiple frames, consider creating a collage of several artworks in one frame. It’s a sophisticated and personalized approach that can be tailored to suit the room’s aesthetics.

17. Mix It Up


If you’re seeking multiple pieces of art to adorn your dining room, don’t limit yourself to a single style. Combining different art forms, such as paintings, photographs, and digital art, can create a dynamic and harmonious display. Modern metal art can also be combined with wooden and glass ones.

18. Embrace the Blooms

If you’re uncertain about which art subject to choose, flowers are an eternal classic that never disappoints. Besides being visually pleasing, you can complement them by placing matching fresh flowers in a beautiful vase nearby for an added touch of natural beauty.