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In 1923, Disney was launched as a minor animation studio, which presently is a versatile entertainment company in the world. The Walt Disney Company is devoted to creating an innovative company culture and maintaining a diverse workforce. The company is working passionately to create engaging content to reach multinational audiences. As of September 26, 2022, the market capitalization of Disney company was USD 181.39 billion.


How Walt Disney Company Built A Diverse Workplace And Maintained Cultural Diversity

Walt Disney Company
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Disney company culture is the evident combination of innovation, creativity, and diverse storytelling developed by many people working for the company. The following things positively impacted Disney in developing a diverse workforce and ensuring cultural diversity.

  • Disney Dreamers Academy

The Disney Dreamers Academy was launched in 2008, and it is an educational mentorship program for black students belonging to underrepresented communities. Every year, a total of 100 American high school students between 13 to 19 years will be selected by Disney without any fee. In these four days, the guidance will get the required guidance, encouragement, and skills training to achieve their dreams.

  • Versatile Career Opportunities

Disney World
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Disney provides a versatile set of career opportunities for people across the world. Whether you want to work at the Disney theme park, office, production house, or on a ship, they offer a wide range of career choices. They have both hour-based part-time and full-time employment opportunities, so employees can choose based on their preferences.

  • Flexible Working Mode

The Disney company offers different working modes to ensure that employees are able to balance out their professional and personal life. The employees can choose hybrid, on-site, or remote working options depending on their roles and duties.

  • Fair Employment Opportunities

At Disney, equal employment opportunities are given to ensure a fair and optimistic hiring process. The company emphasizes the need for innovation, creativity, and equity and motivates the workers to develop fresh ideas by collaborating with other teams. In addition, they also glorify the achievements of their workers, which is one of Disney’s cultural elements.

  • Employee Matching Gifts

Walt Disnep Company
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Disney started an employee matching gifts program in 2010 where qualified employees can match approximately USD 15,000 annually to non-profit institutions. The full-time and part-time employees at the company are eligible for this program. The minimum and maximum match amounts range from USD 25 to 25,000.

  • Movies Highlighting Cultural Diversity

Disney movies are known for their great animations and eye-catchy visual representation and bring laughter to the viewers while also teaching morals. The top movies that are known for focusing greatly on cultural diversity and diversifying the viewers include Aladdin, Mulan, Moana, Coco, and Encanto. Employees belonging to various cultures contributed to the making of these movies.

Bottom Line

Currently, the Walt Disney Company is one of the multi-billion dollar empires in the entertainment sector. It is known for having a relatively diverse and inclusive workplace, which is not something that Disney achieved overnight. Over the years, new steps have been taken by the company to ensure diversity in all aspects.