Don't Blush, Sekime-San
Don’t Blush, Sekime-san latest chapter 14, Release Date, Spoilers

Sekimen Shinaide Sekime-San has aired the latest 14th chapter on March 15, 2024. In this article, you will find all the spoiler related to Sekimen Shinaide Sekime-San or also known as ”Don’t Blush, Sekime-San”.

A comedy romance manga is written by “Tokita Shigure” has aired a total of 14 episodes. With a rating of 4.9 Don’t Blush, Sekime-San is gathering so much attention from the audience.

The story revolves around the main protagonist in the manga who wants to keep their distance from his boyfriend as she got lacks self-confidence or boldness. She got brown hair and brown-bluish eyes. 


Don’t Blush, Sekime-San previous Chapter

Here’s the quick recap of the previous chapter 13. Takadono and Sekime-San were in the class when their teacher announces a quiz test on the next day of school. Takadono tried to go on a study date with Sekime-San after school.

And while they were studying together in the study room they end up acting like strangers. But at a sudden moment, Sekime-San tells him her feeling. She said thank you for giving me such thorough study help and I’m happy that we could spend time together today and let’s study together again. 

Don't Blush,Sekime-San
Don’t Blush,Sekime-San


Don’t Blush, Sekime-San Latest Chapter 14

In chapter 14, we have seen more self-confidence and blondness in Sekime. She asked Takadono to trade their ties. In this chapter, she wants to go closer to Takadono. She tried to overcome her timid personality. 

While Sekime was attending a chemistry lab class with some of their classmates. Kuzuha, one of her friends is wearing another school’s tie. They asked her, why are you wearing it for style or what? I traded this with my boyfriend. He is wearing mine, this makes me feel by his side while we are apart.

And Sekime also wants to trade her tie with Takadono and somehow she managed to ask him that she also want by her side while we were apart. This is the first time when Sekime got some self-confidence to ask something from Takadono. The love and affection chemistry is getting better with each chapter.

Don’t Blush, Sekime-san latest chapter 14 Release date

Yes, this is good news for you. We have an official date of Chapter 15. Chapter 15 will be available on March 29, 2024.

Where to read Don’t Blush, Sekime-San?

Well, there are many platforms to read the manga but, we will suggest you spend coins and watch it from official sites.

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