Dr. Stone: Stone Wars episode 4 is out now. this post will give you a recap of the latest episode and what’s next for the kingdom of science. Senku’s plan to trick Tsukasa’s people over to his side has worked on Nikki, the guard. Will his plan work any further? will Chrome and magma, return safely? All is revealed in episode 4. If you haven’t watched Episode 4, then this post contains spoilers, you have been warned. So let’s dive into the stone world.

Dr. Stone Stone Wars

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Dr. Stone Stone wars Episode 5 Release Date:

Dr. Stone season 2 episode 5 “Steam Gorilla” will release on February 11th, 2024 at 10:30 PM JST (Japan Standard Time). Some fans might already know that the new episodes premiere on Thursday of every week. If there’s any delay we will update this article, so you don’t miss out on any information.

Where to watch Dr. Stone Stone wars:

Currently Dr. Stone and Dr. Stone: Stone wars is available on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Also, Season 1 is available on Netflix. Manga can be read on Viz.com.

(We recommend you to watch and read anime and manga from official sites only. As it provides accurate and better translations and subs.)

Episode 4 Recap

As Nikki changes sides and joins Senku, She points out that Ukyo will be a problem. Ukyo was a Sonar Operator before the petrification and has very good listening skills. On the other side, Magma and Chrome are holding Ukyo off, but soon Chrome realizes that he does not want to kill them and missing on purpose. Chrome trusting his guts that Ukyo only wants intel raises a white flag to surrender. Meanwhile, Magma escapes back to the village.

Dr. Stone Stone Wars

Chrome is taken to Tsukasa, where he declares that he is a user of science. they both chat a bit and the next thing chrome knows he is hanging to be dropped down from a cliff. Tsukasa offers him to change sides if he brings him Senku’s head, which he rejects and is ready to die. As Chrome falls, he accepts his end, but Tsukasa and Ukyo save him. Tsukasa realized that he won’t give up Senku even he is threatened with death. Ukyo lies to Tsukasa that Chrome was alone lurking around the cave which confuses Chrome.

Dr. Stone Stone wars

Back in the village, Senku decides they need to set up a camp near Tsukasa’s empire and prepares to move out. But seeing that they would be requiring all the science stuff with them, which is heavy. Senku creates a Steam engine/ automobile for traveling. will they be successful in rescuing Chrome? What is Ukyo’s motive? as the war nears, what will be the future of the kingdom of science?

About Dr. Stone:

Suddenly one-day humankind is petrified by a green flash of light. Everything is turned to stone. After several thousand years later Taiju awakens, but he was not alone. Senku Ishigami a science enthusiast was already depetrified a couple of months ago. Now his goal is to rebuild the civilization with the power of science. Stone wars is the 2nd season and will follow the war between the kingdom of science and Tsukasa’s mighty empire.

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