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Howdy, Everyone. In the previous chapter, we saw an intense action between Evil Saiyan and fused Goku and Vegeta. The Evil Saiyan overwhelms both of them even having a strength higher than Supreme Kais. One of the greatest shocks of the previous episode was to observe the Evil Saiyan changing into a beast. In the Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4, we will be witnessing the full power of Fu and Goku against Evil Saiyan Kanba. The Episode 4 is on to release before the end of Sept. Subscribe to our Reddit Community for latest updates.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Release Date

Bandai Namco has officially confirmed on the series’ website that Dragon Ball Heroes episode 4 is now listed to release on 27 September in Japan, and the time will be 1:30 PM Japanese Standard Time. We will update once the fourth installment releases. English Subbed will release 3-4 hours following the original release. Live Countdown below:

Where to watch Dragon Ball Heroes?

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Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4 Official Spoilers

Twitter user @Herms98 translated the official summary for fans which reads as follows:

DBH episode 4

“Cumber unleashes his fearsome transformation and goes wild. His power is too much for the Planet to handle, and the chains begin to snap one by one. Observing this throws Fu into a rage, and he unleashes his mysterious power.”

This episode will show an extreme battle of Evil Saiyan against Fu. We will be seeing a hard time that Goku and Vegeta will pass through his problem. We have previously seen how Golden Cooler is seeing the fight and I think that he is just finding the weakness. We might view Golden Cooler’s to be included in the next episode.

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4

Fu will also be transforming into a pseudo-Super Saiyan. This transformation is quite different than our regular Super Saiyan, Instead of the yellow aura, Fu’s Super Saiyan is purplish and emits dark ki. According to Otakukart, Fu has a Saiyan gene just similar to Cell, but he has other genes that present his Super Saiyan form diluted or something. Will Fu and Goku succeed in defeating Evil Saiyan? We will know in the fourth episode of Dragon Ball Heroes.

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