Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4

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The upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Heroes” is the 4th episode of a promotional anime series that is connected to a video game with the similar title.

DBH Episode 4Release Date

Release Date is in late September (end) 2018 as per Herms98, and the time will be 1:30 PM Japan Standard Time. We will update once the DBH episode 4 releases. English Subbed will release 3-4 hours later the original release. We will update for exact release date soon.

Where to watch Dragon Ball Heroes?

We advise you all to use official sources to support DBH on carddass website.

What is Dragon Ball Heroes? Is this Dragon Ball Heroes Canon?

For those who don’t know what is Dragon Ball Heroes Anime, DBH is a Japan exclusive game and it is releasing these Promotional Animes to promote the game.

The Answer to the second question is no, it is non-canon. The animated adaptation of “Super Dragon Ball Heroes” was created especially as a promotional anime based on the saga of the Planet Prison, the central story of the “Universe Mission” arcade game. The accomplished wizard Fu will join planets of various eras, opposing fighters of different realities to analyse the energy generated by transient distortions. The single way to get everything back to standard is to assemble the seven special Dragon Balls, though each of them will be in the palms of a dangerous prisoner, decided not to let the take and the opportunity to escape.

DBH Episode 4 Confirmed Spoilers

Twitter user @Herms98 translated the official summary for fans which reads as follows:

Evil Saiyan Cumber has delivered an astonishing form and is unleashed. The prison planet is striving to cope with such pressure, and the chains start to break one by one. Witnessing this show, Fu becomes enraged and releases his mysterious power.

Preview summary for Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 4, which is set to drop later this month.

— Todd Blankenship (@Herms98) Herms, September 6
“Super Dragon Ball Heroes” Episode 4: “Rage! Super Fu appears on the scene! “

The episode is named, “Rage! Super Fu Appears!” In this upcoming episode, we will examine Cumber releasing all of his strength while he is in his fearsome transformation. He runs amok, and his mighty power flows to create the chains to snap one behind the other. Fu, who is seeing all of this goes into a rage mode, and he unleashes his full power.

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