Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8
Image Source: Carddass Website

Howdy, everyone. Until Dragon Ball Super arrives Dragon Ball Heroes promotional anime is a great time pass for every Dragon Ball enthusiast. And it is really going fantastic in terms of story. Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 7 marked the beginning of the ‘Universal Conflict Arc’ bringing back merged Zamasu and new Universal villains.

What is the release date of Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8?

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 8 titled- ” The ultimate, worst warriors invade, universe 6 demolished.” It will release on February 24th, 2019.

Where can you watch Dragon Ball Heroes latest Episodes Officially?

We advise you all to use Official sources to watch the DBH Episode 8 to support it, here is a link to Official Site Carddass.

DBH Episode 8 Synopsis and Universal Conflict: Dawn of War Arc

The Dragon Ball Heroes went insane with the return of Goku ultra instinct in Episode 6, but it is even more insane, now, they have even brought back merged Zamasu and other new universal villains, two of them looking like GT’S villain ‘Baby’ which currently attacks Universe 6. The story of this arc revolves around destroying Omni Kings and the multiverse. Worst menace will appear in upcoming Episodes.

In Episode 8, Universe 6 is in conflict, many places got destroyed and universe 6 fighters are struggling with villains which are kind of like humanoids, while the reinforcements arrive from Universe 7 (Trunks and Vegeta). We will witness Kefla (Kale and Caulifla  Fusion) vs villains. Here is the preview in which many fighters are there which fought in Universal Tournament like Jiren, Toppo, Hit etc.

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