Howdy, everyone, In this article we will talk about the Erasure of Universe 2 & Universe 6 together in the same Episode that is 118, Episode 118 will get aired on December 3rd. So, let’s get started.

Let’s talk about this image from Preview of Episode 118 Which says- Vanishing Universes”. This literally confirms that two Universes will be erased in Episode 118 and everyone in Universe 2 and Universe 6 are in danger of erasure, Universe 2 is left with 3 warriors and Universe 6 is left with 2 warriors.

In the previous Episode 117 we have seen that Universe 2’s strongest warriors Ribrianne and Rozie were eliminated by the Android Duo and the remaining warriors of Universe 2 are going to fight Goku and knowing that Goku will find a way to beat those guys, it doesn’t even matter how strong they are and also they don’t look that strong.

So, it’s clear that Goku will eliminate Universe 2’s remaining warriors and this will be the end of Universe 2 in the Tournament Of Power.

Universe 6’s remaining 2 warriors are fighting Piccolo and Gohan and according to the preview of Episode 118 Gohan and Piccolo are in Trouble with Universe 6’s Namekian’s regeneration ability. But we all know that they will still find a way to beat them.

It is also possible that Piccolo will use a new ability and at the same time it is also possible that Piccolo may fall out of the arena, which will awaken Gohan and moreover the spoilers also confirm that there will be a casualty from Universe 7 in Episode 119 and it is possible that the casualty is Piccolo. Let me know your thought in the comment section below.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 (December 10th)

Title: “A new sacrifice from Universe 7! Universe 4 gets serious, and universe 7 becomes the victim of it”!

Summary: There is no synopsis available right now, but as from the title we are going to witness the Invisible warrior of Universe 4 in action and the victim will be a fighter from Universe 7.

Universe 4 hidden warrior

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