Birth of Goku new form

Dragon Ball Super New Form of Goku just got CONFIRMED, finally. Here is it with full proof from sources, Birth of Goku’s new Form! We have proof below,


Did one of the staff member at Dragon Ball Super just accidentally confirmed that Goku is getting a new form? Goku’s new form was hinted in a poster and in magazine scans;

However, today we may have gotten true spoilers about Goku’s new transformation in the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super. Toshio, a writer at Dragon Ball Super, was asked “Will Goku have a new form?” to which Toshio responds, quote: “It’s a secret but I’m expecting the birth of new form!” End of Quote.


To make things complicated Toshio later replies “I’m sorry my English is not good, I’d like a new form, it means that. I’m still studying English. Please forgive me”. Was does this mean? We break it down! Here is the proof for that:

NEW V-Jump leaks reveal some possible SPOILERS for the Universal Survival Arc and the Tournament of Power. Is there hidden Agenda of any Strong Character?

So before you guys come to any verdict this is just true one. Who could be the true reason behind the Tournament of Power Failure. This may not seem to be a very big stuff at the first look. But if you think about it… Well, let’s discuss what’s the news about.

So the V-jump leaks say something like this…

What does this new back say?

A few weeks ago, Dragon Ball Super released a Twitter feed with a picture of Goku with potentially a new form. Could this be a New God Goku? Is this a Mastered Kaioken? Is this Goku’s New Form? Will Goku beat Jiren with this form? there are really a lot of questions!

The manga has already done this where Goku has perfected the God form and is able to actually efficiently use the God ki in his base form. It’s much like the Mystic Gohan form but different. This form could be immensely powerful or it could be just a mistake in adjusting the color balance.

The New form Goku, How powerful is the new form Goku?

The latest analytics gives some really amazing stats about the new form that Goku obtains in the coming tournament of power as seen in the opening!

New form Goku red

He is already in this god form and now surpassing that will be really a joy to see. Lets see how many gods can goku scare the ki out! We all saw what happened when goku reached his full power in his match against universe 9. We could all see that how the gods were amazed when that happened.

I have prepared a power level comparison which made me think …Can a Sayian truly turn that strong? Can he be strong enough to be a true god? So surpassing SSJ blue is a reality now. There are speculations that Vegeta will go SSJ white! But more on that later.

New form Goku red

So how strong is Goku red. The new form he achieves while in a fight with (Jiren). Every form surpassed is atleast 2.5 times stronger than the base form so taking that into count, and rendering how vegeta could punch Trunks while in his ssj2 form we can definitely say SSJ god is heck stronger than any golden form.

New form Goku red

And if Goku surpasses Blue that would be a lot more than anyone ever in Universe and at a point even Beerus. Come on face it Goku is already close to Beerus’s power level, But does that mean Beerus is not as super strong we think he is? Or that Beerus never reached his full power level? But Goku will be going to surpass even Whis maybe.

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