Howdy, everyone, this week there wasn’t much news regarding the Movie but the short Broly Trailer was revealed, you can watch it below. Today Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie 2018 New Posters were Released! Those are really high quality, designs are amazing. I will really bait you to buy the tickets if you live in Japan. There was major news regarding Spoilers earlier sourced from the Interview article from the DB Official News Site. Subscribe to our Reddit Community for the latest updates.

Here are the Posters that were revealed and were being advertised in several Theatres in Japan. All of these posters belong to them, we don’t own these images.

Goku’s animation style is really amazing, we really can’t wait for the movie.

Broly looks really Insane in Full Powered Super Saiyan Form.


Vegeta may get his chance this time.

Freeza featuring up with the more powerful Golden Form ever

Piccolo is looking as great as ever.

Destroyer God Beerus and Angel Whis. In addition, trunks and familiar characters are also studded with Piccolo, Bulma, Goten!

The DB Official Site interviews DBS Movie Director: Broly director Tatsuya Nagamine. As Toriyama gives Broly more characterization, Nagamine (Director of the Movie) focuses on making him look super strong with various techniques. There are about 300-400 sheets of the storyboard for Broly’s actions. Nagamine is the Director of the Dragon Ball Super Broly Movie. The image below shows the summary/highlights/crux from the interview translated into English by KenXyro.

By KenXyro

On the usual suspects: Goku is already pretty close to being a god, and Vegeta is desperately trying to catch up. This time Freeza shows particular growth. He wants to be on top but is pondering how he can with Beerus and co. around. Is his ambition to defeat the Omni-King?!

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