Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 will feature Granola’s growth as the strongest warrior. The Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 release date is February 19, 2024. Spoilers, Leaks soon.

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DBS Chapter 68 already showcases that the strongest warrior of Universe 7 is about to emerge, and obviously, that would have some sort of relation between Granola, og73i that absorbed angel powers and has the data.

And Granola has a grudge against Freeza and Saiyans that were responsible for his home planet’s destruction.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Release Date and Time:

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 release date is on Friday, 19 February 2024.

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Granolah Character design as per DBShype Twitter

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans

Dragon Ball Super 69 Spoilers Status: Cover, raw scans, spoilers, leaks, summaries, translations, the title not released yet.

The raw scans, leaks, and summaries will be available 4-3 days before the chapter release. Fans can expect it to be available around 14 February.

This post will be updated as soon as any new information is available. So keep a close eye, take a recap of Dragon Ball Super’s previous Chapter below.

Dragon Ball Super 68 Recap:

In the previous chapter, we see  Goku and Vegeta are on Beerus planet. While Goku is training with this, Whis explains to Goku that he must create his own fighting style and increase the strength of the Ultra Instinct, and his Ultra Instinct is just the start.

In the meanwhile, Vegeta asks Beerus about Whis being using Ultra Instinct. To which Beerus response is, Angles are always in that state. He also adds that Ultra Instinct is not the only technique the gods have up their sleeves.


In a vow to surpass Goku, Vegeta asks Beerus if he can train him?. But Beerus shuts down his request, saying he’s not good with that kind of thing. Going back to his training, Beerus says to Vegeta, that he can follow him and can learn if he sees something important.

On the other side, we see Granola takes OG73i with him on his capsule. While talking about Freezer, and his nightmare of the Saiyans.

The important highlight of the last chapter is the words of Oracle fish. It says “The Balance of the 7th Universe is changing soon, the Strongest fighter of the Universe 7 will be born…”. What does that mean, is Goku going to reach new heights with his Ultra Instinct, or Vegeta will learn the technique of the gods. Or is it something or someone else like Granola or 73’s mixture?

DBS Anime Season 2 in 2024?

We are not sure when it’ll be this year but we do expect some form of an announcement or news as far as a movie or anime goes. Ryo Horikawa himself has continued to tease more Dragon Ball, including supposedly at his concerts where he’s telling fans, wink on Dragon Ball but time is not to say anything. There are some spots of Super in 2024 events and conventions, let’s see.

All we can do now is wait for an announcement, so that’s it that’s the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth and let’s just be patient and wait because whatever’s coming is gonna come. Let’s just watch the manga till then which is currently on Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68.

This year 2024 would definitely bring something good for us. After all Dragon Ball fetches them huge chunks of profit.

DBS Manga Discussion

The Dragon Ball Super Series is live on Shueisha’s V Jump monthly magazine in Japan, and the Viz Media and Mangaplus site are publishing it in their Shonen Jump digital anthology magazine in the United States and can be read from any other country through their websites in English. Also Read Kaiju No.8 Chapter 25 Release Date, The Raid of Tachikawa Base Begins!