Dragon Ball Super Manga 79

After the release of the previous chapter, fans are super eager to know what will happen in the upcoming chapter which is Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79.

In this post, we are going to discuss, all the possible events related to DBS Chapter 79. Apart from that, what is the official release date of Dragon Ball Super 79? Let’s find out:-


Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 79

Dragon Ball Super Manga is currently following Granolah the Survivor Saga. According to the official information, this arc is currently the sixth major saga of the series.

The protagonist of this arc is none other than, Granolah. For those, who don’t know, Granolah is the sole survivor of the Cerealian race. This arc introduced the strongest character of the Dragon Ball Series, you don’t know? Stay tuned to this article to know that.

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What Is The Release Date Of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79?

As we all know that the franchise released the chapter in one month. So, as per the schedule, the official DBS 79 English Chapter will come out on 20th December 2024. There is no such announcement regarding the delay makes it more it more exciting that we are going to see our warriors, again. For precise detail regarding Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Release, here are timezones:-

Pacific Time: 9 AM on Monday, December 20

Central Time: 11 AM on Monday, December 20

Eastern Time: Noon on Monday, December 20

British Time: 5 PM on Monday, December 20

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Release Date, Spoilers Revealed

When Will Dragon Ball Super Manga 79 Leaks And Spoilers Will Release?

As for now, there is no such release on Leaks and Spoilers so, Stay tuned for DBS Chapter 79 leaks, the raw will release around the 15h of December 2024.

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We will update you all with any new information as soon as it releases about this new manga release. Bookmark us to see this post later, we will update you all soon.

Where To Read Dragon Ball Super 79?






(*Download the Shonen Jump app from the play store or app store and search for Dragon Ball Super 77 in it. There might be 5 mins delay on viz and manga plus but the Shonen Jump app gets the chapter instantly after the countdown finishes.)

Everything here is for informational purposes therefore it is fair use. The focus is not on the manga chapter but to deliver the latest news.

Dragon Ball Super 78 Recap

Chapter 78 revealed the strongest character of the Dragon Ball series so far. And it’s none other than, the antagonist of this arc, Gas. In Dragon ball super chapter 78, Gas, who is a Heeter and a fighting prodigy

Recently, Heeter made a wish to make Gas the strongest warrior in the universe, and this is what exactly happened. He is now the strongest warrior in the universe.

Even Goku together with Granolah didn’t manage to land a single scratch on him. After the wish, Gas managed to obtain some weird superpower that was effective on the battlefield against our warriors. Gas just managed to overwhelm Goku, Vegeta, and Granohal single-handedly.

Chapter 78 ended with Vegeta’s character development. As we are pretty aware that Granolah and Vegeta, both share the same kinda fate, which is revenge.

Vegeta gave the Senju bean to Granolah, motivated and making him realize that he should be the one who put end to this battle, after completing his revenge.

*Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Spoilers Revealed (Updated On 18th December)

Recently, the sneak of Dragon Ball Super 79 has been released shows that the upcoming chapter is coming with great action. DBS Chapter 79 is going to feature Granolah Vs Gas. Yes, Vegeta will convince Granlah to eat Senzu Bean makes him recover his full strength. Now, he is heading towards the battleground in order to defeat Gas.

Here Are Some Leaks Of Dragon Ball Super 79:-

DBS Chapter 79 Leaks

DBS 79 Leaks

Recently, Twitter User DBS Chronicles also revealed the first look of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79:-

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 79 Summary Revealed:-

The Chapter Begins With Elic in his spacecraft, claiming that Gas has become the universe’s most powerful warrior. One of the reasons he keeps the ship far away from the battleground is to avoid getting dust in his glass, but there’s another reason: he has some pressing business to attend to, which we don’t know about yet.

Monaito is being threatened by Maki and Oil, who are demanding that he tell them where Vegeta is. Oil prepares to strike Monaito when he replies he doesn’t know.

Granolah eventually consumes the Senzu bean when Vegeta encourages him to hurry up. Granolah can’t believe how quickly he regained his vigour. Vegeta warns him against squandering the Senzu bean.

Monaito is saved barely in time by Granolah, who then slams Maki and Oil into the rocks. Gas notices that Granolah has regained his strength. Monaito assigns Oatmeel as Granolah’s companion.

After that, While wearing Oatmeel on his eye, Granolah is asked if he still requires its assistance now that he is the universe’s strongest fighter, and Granolah responds that he does.

Granolah unleashes his energy (his left eye changes) and prepares to confront Gas. He informs Gas that he is his opponent, to which Gas responds, “That’s correct.”

Gas frees Goku and fights Granolah on the ground, before forming two shields on his forearms. Gas attempts to hit Granolah with one of his shields, but Granolah deflects the attack.

Granolah then fires numerous Ki blasts at Gas with his fingertips, but Gas deflects them with his second shield. Gas throws himself at Granolah with his two shields at the same time, but Granolah dodges him, and Gas crashes to the ground.

Gas transforms his weapon into a spear and strikes Granolah with it, but Granolah interacts and snatches the spear away.

Then Gas summons many kunai and tosses them towards Granolah, who deflects each one individually. When Granolah is about to retaliate against Gas, Oatmeel informs him that an iron ball is approaching from above. Gas developed it without Granolah’s knowledge, and he uses a chain to manipulate the iron ball.

Granolah manages to halt the iron ball, but Gas encourages it to explore, causing a cloud of dust to form between them. Granolah is unable to see anything, but Oatmeel informs him that they are encircled by something.

Gas fires all of the kunai at the same time at the dust cloud, and Maki and Oil are relieved since they assume the attack has brought Granolah to a halt. However, when the dust settles, Granolah has used his hands to stop all of the kunai. Those tactics, according to Granolah, will not succeed against him. Goku and Vegeta are taken aback by Granolah’s fighting style.

Gas and Granolah are still at odds. Gas generates new weapons (like Vega’s claws from Street Fighter), a smaller shield, and a spear. Finally, Granolah is able to land a devastating punch on Gas.

Gas summons a sword and assaults Granolah, but the latter defeats Gas and kicks him. Goku and Vegeta are perplexed as to why Gas is just using his weapon-making technique, so they think it’s a new power he gained through the wish.

No, Monaito responds, explaining that the creation method is an original Gas technique.

As the chapter is approaching towards the end, Granilah managed to dodge all the attacks of Gas. This makes Granilah a ray of light in order to defeat Gas.!

About Dragon Ball Super

The manga started its serialization in June 2015. The anime adaption premiered 3 years later in 2018. Later that year, in December a sequel movie titled ” Dragon Ball Super: Broly” was released. This movie was a huge success and it also became the highest-earning film of the Dragon Ball series. The DBS anime may resume sooner too! Stay Tuned for news.

The Dragon Ball Super Series is live on Shueisha’s V Jump monthly magazine in Japan and the latest chapter will be Chapter 79, and the Viz Media and Mangaplus are publishing it in their Shonen Jump digital magazine in the United States and can be read from any other country through their websites in English. For more Dragon Ball content check Omnitos.