Warning! Spoilers Ahead, Pics are below these paragraphs!

Here are the Dragon Ball Super Episode 108 leaked images, the episode will release later tonight officially. In these Freeza looks like that he is plotting something against Gohan, and Goku is seen fighting against Rebrianne.

Frieza looks into his next opponent. Meanwhile, Gohan is forced into a tough match with Jimeze (Yardrat). Frieza grins as he watches Gohan being tormented, while everyone from the 7th universe watches Frieza with suspicions of betrayal. Frost and Frieza may plot something!

Check them out here below:

Dragon Ball Episode 108 leaked Images

Thanks to IG@DBZ_Thunder  for these images in these images we can clearly see Freiza is planning something dirty.

Here is a synopsis of episode 108:

We all are waiting for October 8 – 1-hour episode: Goku vs Jiren

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