Dragon Ball Super 1 hour episode?

Today I am going to talk about the Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 CONFIRMED Spoilers and crossover of One Piece with DBS for an hour long episode. So those who don’t want to get spoiled, please stop reading this. We always wanted a duo of Student and Teacher and this is finally gonna happen! Special thanks to KenXyro and Yankuro Production for translation and scans! Read the article below for more:

The Tournament of Power is half way done as only 43 fighters are left, and we’re nowhere near its end right now. We’re heading towards Episode 105, which is going to air this Sunday. Episode 105 will feature Master Roshi in action, as he puts his secret plan in action.

After Master Roshi centered Episode, we are gonna have Episode 106. We are currently not sure about exactly what collaboration or crossover is gonna happen with ONE PIECE. But we have this picture here which surely tells we will have a 1-hour Episode on October 8. Dragon Ball Super One Piece Crossover:

Dragon Ball Super Episode 106 Spoilers:

Episode Title: Figure it out! Death Battle against an invisible attacker!! Air Date: 3rd September 2017. Teacher and Student Unite!!

Gohan and Piccolo are gonna struggle against an enemy who is invisible, it seems like he could be one of the warriors of Universe 4 which were invisible when they arrived with their team, only Tien detected their presence.

Dr. Rota of Universe 6 as shown above in the picture fights with Son Gohan and Piccolo, then he suddenly gets attacked by someone and he can no longer fight!

The mysterious attacker next targets Piccolo and Son Gohan, there is no sign and traces of this enemy and the method of attacking is also unknown BUT, Tien then quickly notices that Gohan and Piccolo are in trouble, therefore he approaches them and bets on his special technique to find the location of the mysterious attacker!

What could this special technique by Tien be? He will use his third eye and other secret techniques to detect the presence of the enemy. Who could be the potential Invisible warrior be? The answer is the Potential Invisible warrior is: Damom or Gamisarasu of Universe 4.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 87-89 Spoilers

Vegeta has not been shown since quite of the episodes but he will appear in Episode 106, He at first didn’t think much of that invisible enemy but then he moves in as soon as he realizes that how fearsome an enemy like this could be.

potential invisible fighters

We are finally gonna see student and teacher fight against an invisible enemy plus Tien will show a new technique and Vegeta also is gonna get involved in this fight, therefore it would be an epic battle against an invisible enemy.

That’s all for the Episode 106 Spoilers, we will update you later if we get something new to share about Dragon Ball Super!




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