How final form will look like

Howdy, everyone, this article will be giving some major spoilers for the 1-hour special (109-110) episode on October 7 and for Episode 111 on October 14 of Dragon Ball Super. So, here is the Spoiler Warning guys, leave here if you don’t wanna get spoiled for the upcoming episodes! Special thanks to Herms98 on Twitter for translations. (A reliable source)

Dragon Ball Super is getting interesting day by day, Jiren beats the hell out of Goku but suddenly a new power emerges out of Goku’s body through which his body can make moves on its own. Here is the detailed summary below!

Thanks to herms98

Link to the tweet:

Herms98 is a great reliable source for the translations and these translations are from the Shonin Jump from a magazine. Shonin Jump has been shown below in the pic, the translations are above this paragraph.

Official pic of the Shonin Jump
Thanks to DBZ Exclusives Facebook Page

Which means that those three episodes for the rest of October (spoilers!) should be 111-113, though the magazine itself doesn’t number them.

Thanks to Herms98 for the above picture for the future episode titles of Dragon Ball Super! For those who haven’t seen the new HD trailer of how Goku will be getting his new form can see here:




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