Hey everyone I am back with today’s before the episode blog which always consists of upcoming episode’s leaked images. All credits to Toei animation Japan, these images belong to them.

These images really looks interesting, while seeing Goku transforming into SSJ is also surprising. Also, these images teased that there will be an intense fight.

Okay now lets have a look at synopsis of episode 113:

Having fun! Combat loving Saiyans battle once more !! Universe 3 warrior target Goku, since he is exhausted from battle with Jiren but Caulifa comes to his rescue and then she asks him to fight with her. Goku is happy with this offer but he doesn’t have the strength to transform into Super a Saiyan yet, But he says that he will slowly gain his strength back during their Fight.  

Also we have a leaked image from Dragon Ball Super episode 114:

Okay that’s all for today, let’s enjoy the episode from official sources like Crunchyroll and don’t forget to follow me for more updates.

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