Hello guys, I know you were waiting for this Saturday’s episode, here are the leaked images of it. We don’t own these images, all images are the property of Toei Animation and their respective companies.

Goku is giving a smile to  Freiza! Will Freiza help him? In this image it looks like that Kale and Caulifla are going to beat the hell out of Goku and then I think that Freeza will try to join the battle, he also told Cabba earlier that after throwing him he will attack Kale & Caulifla because of his hatred for Saiyans.

Goku to go SSJ red against Kale and Caulifa, looks like their joined attacks are going to be a headache for Goku.

Okay, here we have a clear image of the ultimate fusion Kefla.

Also check out these official spoilers episode 114

Explosive Birth of a new WARRIOR !!

Goku vs Kefla

Goku’s attacks overwhelm Kale while he against Her and Caulifa and then the tension gradually increases . kale transforms into Super Saiyan Berserk .

Also we have spoilers for episode 115.

“Goku Vs Kefla! Super Saiyan Blue is Defeated ?

Caulifa and Kale has cornered Goku. Then they shown their secret technique the fusion!!! The fused Kale and Caulifa became Kefla !! With Goku fighting a defensive battle against powered up Kefla , he showed his true power and transforms to Super Saiyan Blue but will that be enough ??

At last we have an image from episode 115

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