Hello, What’s up! The Tournament of Power is half-way done and still 19 minutes are left . (These are going to be longest 48 min of my life). Today’s Episode 116 would be simply out of the world and will surpass our expectations, The comeback Of Ultra Instinct in just few hours. Whole fandom is really excited for this episode!

We just  got our hands on some of leaked images from episode, These images belong to TOEI Animation and their respective companies, We don’t own them. Here are the Episode 116 Leaked Images:

Damn this heat, the Ultra Instinct is absolutely lit. Although it’s looking kinda improved, I mean the aura it’s bit more light blue. What it can be ? Any theories ?

Android 18 and 17, finally gonna be in action and episode 117 spoilers have already confirmed it. I really looking forward to it.

These new animations are stunning. I am really glad that they have hired back the Dragon Ball Z artist.  Goku Ultra Instinct Vs Kefla is gonna be amazing.

Another power up in Ultra Instinct?? New aura. Ultra Instinct 2 ??


Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 (November 25)

Title: “Showdown of love, Androids vs Universe 2!”

In dragon Ball Super Episode 117 we will see Androids in action for protecting Goku from Ribrianne of Universe 2, as his energy is drained again, therefore universe 2 including Ribrianne may get eliminated soon.

Image by GARSL

Vegeta tries to use Ultra Instinct by copying Goku and acts unconsciously but he fails and gets attacked by Katopesla.

This also indicates that soon Vegeta too will get Ultra Instinct, An image of Katopesla Police of Universe 3 who will attack Vegeta is shown below:


Dragon Ball Super Episode 118 (December 3rd)

Title: ‘Tragedy Discloses in on the Vanishing Universe!’

Synopsis: There is no synopsis available right now but it seems like the Universe of Rebrianne (Universe 2) will get erased according to the title above. This is what everyone is wishing for since the beginning of the tournament.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 119 (December 10th)

Title: ‘A new sacrifice from Universe 7! Universe 4 gets serious, and universe 7 becomes the victim of it!’

Synopsis: There is no synopsis available right now, but as from the title we are going to witness the Invisible warrior of Universe 4 in action and the victim will be a fighter from Universe 7.

Universe 4 hidden warrior

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