Howdy, everyone, these spoilers are the major ones for this Universal Tournament, if you don’t wanna get spoiled leave this article here, warning! These will spoil you till January 7th 2018 Episode 122 of Dragon Ball Super! (There will be no Episode on 31st December), Piccolo will be the victim in Episode 119.

These spoilers are 100% Confirmed though there can be some small misinterpretations from the translations as Japanese is very complicated! But our trusted Translator KenXyro has done an amazing work to bring you the confirmed information, special thanks to him. Let’s get started:

Episode 120 “Perfect survival strategy! Deadly assassins of universe 3!!” 

Although Piccolo faces an accident and falls off the stage, Universe 7 warriors defeats the formidable invisible enemy, Gamisarasu and the bug-human, Damon, which results in Universe 4 getting erased. Universe 3,7 and 11 remains.

Piccolo eliminated!

Though because of Jiren, of Universe 11 is the toughest opponent, Universe 3’s survival strategy of having the most warriors remain, and is successful. At last, it’s time for Universe 3 to make their move. Koitsukai and his teammates from universe 4 begins their attack on Son Goku.

Universe 3 warriors stand against Goku. The transforming merged warriors are engulfed in a light when Goku and his teammates decides to fight back. Thanks to Gohan’s help, their barrier is broken with a kamehameha, and the merged warriors are burnt to a crisp. It appeared like a complete victory, but…

Ep121 “All-out war! Ultimate 4-way union vs the entire Universe 7!!” 

Paparoni announces, ”let me show you! The finest secret technique of universe 3!? And then an intense flash of light appears in the area. Goku, Gohan and Vegeta uses their arms to block the intense light while Android 17 and 18 take cover. When they can see properly again, they see a huge shape of Aniraaza appear.

Universe 3 warriors merge and go up against Goku and his teammates as the fight for survival begins between the two universes and reaches it’s climax. But, it looks like universe 3 was still hiding something.

Alleged Amirazza

There will be No episode December 31st, 2017. 

Episode 122 – “Risking his pride! Vegeta’s challenge to the strongest.”

The summary of this Episode is not available yet, but two things about it are confirmed , that are:

  • It will be a fully Vegeta centered Episode!
  • The animation quality of this episode will be amazing as the production’s animator and writer who is making this episode is the one who made Episode 110
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